21st Birthday Celebrations - 2 Weeks of Partying!

1st Night of my 21st (at midnight) was spent with a few UC Davis friends at Paragon where I was presented with various alcoholic beverages to consume!

The next night (still on my birthday) was spent at Cantina and the Graduate with even more friends.  I opened this event up to people from College Republicans, YAF, and other groups I was involved with.

Breakfast at the Silver Legacy after a long hard night of partying in Reno!  Reno wasn't the last celebration for my birthday.  We continued well into the following week too with more bar hopping and drinking!
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    Back in college, I was quite the campus leader at UC Davis.  I was president of my fraternity for an unprecedented 4 years, chairman of Davis College Republicans, chairman of Young American's For Freedom, & also president & CEO of the Conservative Coalition at UC Davis.  As a result, I had lots of friends from the various organizations I was involved with.  My fraternity brother, Chris, summed it up best by saying "Anirban, you are like our sun.  Our lives all revolve around you (referring to the fraternity, College Republicans, and YAF)."  I was kind of the "Van Wilder" of UC Davis, but I didn't stay there as long as he did in the movie!

    It was almost like my 21st birthday was a campus holiday!  As a result, my 21st birthday was celebrated for 2 long weeks!  Above the many adventures to the local bars in Davis and local parties, we also had a few parties and a trip to Reno.  Here are some of my fraternity brothers and friends at the Silver Legacy in Reno.  I have the greatest friends!  One of the coolest presents I got was a Dallas Cowboys Zippo Lighter from two of my fraternity brothers

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