Holiday Party (2007) Featuring Goose Dinner With All The Trimmings @ My House

Nothing says a holiday dinner like a goose dinner with all the trimmings!

The Goose was too boney, and it was quite fatty too.
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        I had some friends over for the holidays in 2007 so we could partake in a goose dinner.  We cooked a 10 lb goose with chestnutt stuffing, rice pilaf, garlic & dill red potatoes, crescent rolls, & much more.  It was quite a feast, but the goose did not produce as much meat as we thought.  It was also very dark and gamey.  I found out my GE Profile Stainless Steel Gas Range was really advanced.  It has a built in meat thermometer that monitors the internal temperature of the meat, and it automatically adjusts the convention roast temperature to get the meat up to the internal temperature you set.  It was a fun evening.  I had some holiday music from my XM radio service playing through my in ceiling speakers, and we also played board games and Wii.
Last Updated:  December 16, 2007 7:56 PM