The Cowboys @ Whiners (49ers) Game (2017) - FEED ZEKE!

I bought my tickets for the Cowboys-49ers game as soon as they were released by the team in 2017.  I paid around $280 for this seat which was in the lower level of the stadium.

The view from my seat was decent.  It was a little too hot however with the sun.

My Cowboys are taking the field!

The Cowboys are on a scoring drive in this photo!

Dak just scored on his own!  Go Cowboys!

The Cowboys WHOOPED the 49ers by a score of  40-10!  Zeke rushed for 147 yards and 2 TDs against these bottomfeeders!  He also had a receiving TD!
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    I was able to see my Cowboys play twice in 2017 since they came to the Bay Area to play both the lowly 49ers and the Raiders too!  This year, I had better seats than last year when I saw the Cowboys play the Whiners in Santa Clara!  The Cowboys just whooped the 49ers!  I got to see Zeke just run over the 49ers for over 100 yards!  I also saw TD passes to Witten and Dez Bryant.  Dez was on my fantasy football team so that helped me too!  The Cowboys defense was monster too.  Dak even scored on his own too.  We had our backup players including 2nd string QB Cooper Rush in the 4th quarter since we were up by so many points.  Even Cooper Rush was tearing apart the pathetic 49ers.

Last Updated:  October 22, 2017 9:09 PM