The Cowboys @ Raiders Sunday Night Football Game (2017)

Here is a picture of me wearing my Cowboys hat as we entered the Coliseum where the Raiders play.  I did not wear a lot of Cowboys gear since I heard horror stories of how rude Raider fans are to the opposing team's fans!

We made it just in time to watch the introductions and Dak warming up while the Raiders were being introduced.

This was a Sunday Night Football game on NBC so they had lots of fireworks and even a fly over by a Coast Guard Helicopter.  The place was packed!

I bought my friend's ticket which was on the lower level.  We had an amazing view of the action from where we were.  He was a season ticket holder.

Our seats were near the infamous "Black Hole."  There were too many Raider fans near us, and I was a little scared about being beat up or my hat being stolen from me since their fans were really rude especially when were beating them badly!

The Cowboys got the ball to start.  Here is a picture of Ryan Switzer receiving the kick off.

This is the Cowboy's opening drive.  Alfred Morris had to start at RB since Zeke was suspended.

The Cowboys are in the Red Zone and ready to score!

The Raiderettes were wearing Christmas outfits since this game was close to Christmas.

The Cowboys beat the Raiders in dramatic fashion as Raiders QB Derek Carr fumbled the ball in the end zone leading to a Cowboy's Touchback at the end to seal it!
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    During the 2017 season, I was able to watch my Cowboys play twice in person!  The 2nd game I saw was in Oakland on Sunday Night Football against the Raiders.  One of my friends had season tickets in the lower level of the stadium near the Black Hole.  He sold me his ticket since he could not go.  It was a cool exprience being at a Sunday Night Game live sine there were so much fireworks and even a fly over from the Coast Guard.  The excitement level was very high too!  We had a lot of Cowboys fans there, but the Raiders fans showed up too unlike the Cowboys-49ers game earlier this year where the 49er fans were ashamed to come out and support their pathetic team!

    The Cowboys played well even without RB Ezekiel Elliott who was suspended for six games that year.  Dak played really well, and we had Alfred Morris as our starting RB that day.  I saw Dak run it in on our side of the end zone.  A lot of the Raider fans were throwing stuff at the Cowboys after that score, and Dez Bryant just told them to "bring it on."  LOL.  We ended up beating the Raiders by a sore of 20-17.  It was a fun time!

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