The Cowboys @ Whiners (49ers) Game (2016)

This is the outside of Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara where the Whiners Play.  I think it is not as good as the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

I am not afraid of weairng my full Cowboys gear to the pathetic Whiners Stadium either!

Here are some of the pregame warmups by the Cowboys.  Head Coach Jason Garrett can be seen towards the middle of the picture.  He is reaching out to shake someone's hand.

This is a picture of the field from my seat.  Tickets were pretty pricey for this game.  I paid about $172 for my seat.

This is the opening kick off.  The Cowboys received the ball to start.

Here is a picture of me in my Cowboys gear.  I think there was a 50/50 mix of fans between both teams.

Here is Dak Prescott and the Cowboys offense on the field.

This is when both teams met on the field after the Cowboys WON the game!  We spanked the 49ers!
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    I was excited to see that my Cowboys were coming to Santa Clara in 2016 to play one of the league's worst teams, the Whiners (um, I mean 49ers) of San Francisco.  LOL.  I hate the 49ers with a passion!  We had a huge rivalry in the 1990s for those of you old enough to remember.  Even though the 49ers are pretty bad now, I still love to see my Cowboys beat them.  I actually like to see pretty much any team beat the 49ers except for maybe the Eagles, whom I hate the most out of all the teams in the NFL.  The tickets were sold out for this game, and people were reselling tickets at a very high premium since there was only about two games where they could make money since the 49ers suck and no one really wants to go see them play.  My seat was actually pretty decent for being up in the upper part of the stadium.  I was in row 3 so the view was not too bad.

    Tony Romo was injured so our rookie star QB, Dak Prescott, lead our offense on that Sunday.  Our star receiver, Dez Bryant, was out also.  However, TE Jason Witten was in the game.  Moreover, we had our rookie star RB Elliott on the field too.  He was on my fantasy team also so I was rooting for him to get me yardage and points.  Elliott ended up rushing for about 138 yards and 1 TD.  The Cowboys started off slow.  We were down 14-0 at the end of the first quarter.  However, Dak & Company lead us back to win the game 24-17.  Dak threw two TDs.  We dominated in the 2nd half.  Our defense got an intereception also.

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