Dallas Stars @ Lowly San Jose Sharks Game (2016)

The Stars are warming up for their game against the bottomfeeder Sharks.  I hate the Sharks!

Our Stars' Stars, Benn and Seguin, are warming up for the game!

Joy and I are the #1 Stars Fans in Northern California!  Go STARS!

The Stars and Sharks are fighting it out on the ice!
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    During January of 2016, I was able to see my Dallas Stars take on the bottomfeeder San Jose Sharks in San Jose.  I hate the Sharks!  Northern California is just a crappy market for sports teams.  I hate all the teams in Northern California even though I live here.  The Stars started off this season so hot, and they were the #1 ranked team for most of the season so far.  The Stars did have a little slump in January, and we did lose this game in overtime, but the Stars still are way ahead of the Sharks in points!  HATE THE SHARKS!  LOVE THE STARS!

Last Updated:  February 2, 2016 9:00 PM