Rangers vs A's (2014)

I am sporting my Prince Fielder #84 Rangers jersey with this photo with Joy.  She was nice enough to wear red to support my Rangers!
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    2014 was not a good year for my Rangers.  We had so many injuries so we could not make the post season hunt, but I was determined to see Oakland not make the playoffs either.  Oakland is such a pathetic team that they went from having the best record in the MLB to losing the AL West to the Angels.  I hate Oakland with a passion.  I took Joy to another game that season in September after we went earlier in the season.  She wore red to support my team!  It was cool!  The Rangers not only beat Oakland that night, but we swept that series.  We pissed off lots of A's fans by cheering loud for our Rangers and booing the crappy A's!  I saw Adam Rosales play that night too.  He was the player who signed a ball for me during Spring Training that year.

Last Updated:  September 21, 2014 8:06 PM