The Rangers @ Angels Game (September 2013)

Here is a picture of the Angels Stadium in Anahiem, CA.  Although they remodeled it, it is still kind of ancient compared to the newer ballparksaround the AL West in Arlington, Seattle, and Houston.

Here are some of my friends who attended the game with me in Anahiem.

I kind of think the water feature in the park looks a lot like the Matterhorn at Disneyland.  Disney owns the Angels.
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    I flew down to Orange County in September of 2013 to see my Texas Rangers take on the Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem .  The Angels were pretty pathetic in 2013, and they finished in third place in the AL West.  My Texas Rangers started off hot, but we had a terrible September.  This series against the Angels was not good either.  We only took 1 game out of the series.  Derek Holland was on the mound for us that night.  I was not too impressed with the Angels Stadium.  It was remodeled, but it was not as nice as the newer ballparks in the AL West.  The tickets were really cheap too since the Angels were such a crappy team.  We got field level seats for $20.  That was even lower than the Coliseum in Oakland, and the Oakland A's facility is pathetic!

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