PBR - Sacramento Invitational (2013)

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They turn Sleeptrain Arena (formerly Arco) into a rodeo arena for the Professional Bulling Riding competition.

I need to get a Cowboy hat for these sort of occasions. :)

The opening ceremonies are pretty loud and full of energy!

Here is a rider trying to escape the fury of an angry bull.

The winner this year was a Brazilian.  He has won four out of the last five years I believe.

Here is the stampede trying to get out of the arena!

    Right after the George Strait concert at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, I went to the Professional Bull Riders - Sacramento Invitational.  This was my third year in a row attending this event.  As a fan of country music and the "good old boy" lifestyle, I love going to these events.  There are hot cowgirls, country music, and lots of high adrenaline entertainment.  Surprisingly, there are lots of Brazilian competitors too.  Brazil has a large cattle industry also, and the winner in 2013 was Brazilian.  This can be a pretty dangerous sport.  One year, we saw one of the riders get knocked out for some time.

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