The Carthay Circle VIP Experience @ California Adventures Park (2013)


Here is some of the old gang from UC Davis outside the gate to Disney's California Adventure's Theme Park in Anaheim, CA.

Gavin, myself, and Alex are outside the entrance to Cars Land at the park.

The Radiator Springs Racer Ride was worth the wait in line TWICE!  One goes through a trip to Radiator Springs before getting outfitted with new tires in a garage.  Then, two of the cars race each other!

This is Pradise Pier.  The roller coaster was actually pretty fun.  We were able to fast pass it!

What's a Disney property without a Mickey Mouse.

We had lunch at the fine dining establishment at the park, which was Carthay Circle.  They serve alcohol in CA Adventures.  I had Walt's drink of choice which was the "Scotch Mist."

We are enjoying our lunch at Carthay Circle.  They gave us VIP viewing tickets for the World of Color show since we each had at least two courses.  I had the lamb and spicy duck wings.

I am pictured with my good buddies Walt and Shirley Temple at the entrance to Carthay Circle.

This is the Tower of Terror ride.  I rode this same ride in Florida too at the Disney MGM Studios back in the 1990s.

    During President's Day weekend in February of 2013, I flew down to the LA area to see my friends and take a trip to Disney's California Adventures Theme Park in Anaheim, CA.  One of my friend's friends works at the park so we got discounted tickets ahead of time.  I had been to Disneyland several times, but I had never gone to CA Adventures.  The weather was great that day, and we all had a fun time.  The park is much smaller than Disneyland so one can finish it in less than a day even.  The best thing to do is to get the fast passes for the major rides, and the single rider lines also move one through the lines faster than the regular lines.  We rode the Tower of Terror ride first before getting our fast pass for Soaring over California, which simulates a hang glider journey over California.  We had lunch at Carthay Circle, which is the fine dining establishment within the park.  I thought the food was average at best.  It was around $60 per person for lunch, but we did get VIP viewing tickets for the World of Color show.  We rode the Radiator Springs ride twice!  It was well worth the wait.  The roller coaster was fun too.  The ferris wheel freaked out a few of my friends since it was swinging back and forth.  Don't worry - it is supposed to do that.  The World of Color show was amazing.  They projected images over mists of water with lots of pyrotechnics and flames.  We also did the Ariel ride, but that was more for kids.  It was worth the trip overall!

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