The VIP Treatment @ The Mavericks-Kings Game (November 2015)

The idiots in the Kings Organization invited me to a VIP reception during half time to try to sell me season tickets for their new arena.  My friend figured that they probably knew I had money to spend on such things especially since we had expensive lower level seats.

I am all happy in my new Dirk Nowitzi jersey for this game.

Here is a good shot of the court from my seat.  We are in the blue jerseys.

This was the so called "VIP Reception" at half time.  There was crappy snacks and a choice of one beverage.  The Kings ownership is so cheap and pathetic!
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    I was at the Mavericks-Kings game at Sleeptrain Arena in Sacramento on November 30.  The Kings organization felt like I would be a good candidate to buy season tickets so they kept calling me and emailing me ahead of time to invite me to a special "VIP Reception" at half time.  I had no intention of getting season tickets since I only go for the Mavericks.  I HATE THE KINGS.  THE KINGS ARE A LOWLY NORTHERN CALIFORNIA TEAM.  I think the idiots in Sacramento who wanted to keep the Kings were major degenerates.  Sacramento has no money!  This is more of a blue collar town.  Also, the media market is fairly small here.  This area can not produce a championship quality team.  The Kings should have been relocated to Seattle where they could at least compete.  The Kings ownership is really cheap too.

    The bad part about the game was that we lost.  However, it was always good to see my team play.

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