Free Throw Shot @ Mavericks-Kings February 2015

I was a VIP at this game as the idiots in the Kings organization was trying to sell me season tickets.  They left me a thank you note and an invitation to attend a VIP event at half time.  I do not think they realize that I am a MAVERICKS fan!

I am decked out in my Mavericks Gear for this matchup against the crappy Kings of Sacramento.

My Mavs dominated this game!

The Kings Dancers are actually not too bad!  The Mavs Dancers are cuter of course!

The final score was 101-78 as my Mavericks blew out the lowly Kings of Sacramento!

Devin Harris is doing the post game interview on the floor.

I am standing on the Kings basketball court.  I conquer this court in the name of Mark Cuban and the whole Maverick's organization!  LOL.

I got to shoot a free throw after the game was over on the court!  I missed it!

I saw Mark Cuban after my free throw.

Mark Cuban signed my cap also.
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    I went to see my Dallas Mavericks play the crappy Sacramento Kings in February of 2015 at Sleep Train Arena.  They had a special ticket package for the game which included a lower section seat and a free throw shot after the game was over.  When I got to my seats, I noticed that they had an invitation to a VIP event taped to one seat, and there was a thank you note on the second seat.  LOL.  The idiots in the Kings organization thought that I might be a good candidate to sell season tickets to.  I do not think they realize that I am a Mavericks fan, and I HATE the Kings!  I wanted the Kings to move away.  The game was awesome.  We played a lot of our bench players, but we still crushed the Kings by a score of 101-78.  Dirk did not play.  Tyson Chandler, Chandler Parsons, and Monta Ellis played in the game.  Devin Harris got a couple of nice three pointers too.  Monta was shooting well too.

    During half time, we checked out the VIP Event.  All they had was crappy beer and wine along with some crappy appetizers like chips and salsa.  I guess that is all the Kings can afford.  They are a piece of shit team.  I was getting a laugh out of them pitch their season tickets to the group that was there.  I do not know who would waste money on Kings season tickets.  They are a garbage team!  The only good thing about them is the dancers.  They are decent looking.

    After the game, I got to shoot a free throw on the court.  I missed it, but it was still fun.  Moreover, I saw Mark Cuban, who is the owner of the Mavericks.  He signed my cap for me.  That was just awesome!  He was a guest star on Walker Texas Ranger, which was one of my favorite shows back in the day.

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