My MAVERICKS @ Lowly Sacramento Kings (April 2013)

The two teams are warming up before the big game in this picture.

Here are the introductions of the LOWLY Sacramento Kings.

I am taking in the game from my seat.

Dirk and the Mavs are on offense in this picture.

Here are the Sacramento Kings Dancers.  This was the only time I was cheering for anything Sacramento.  Their dancers are pretty cute!

Dirk is seen in this picture.  He is the tall guy.

The final score was Sacramento Kings 108 and the DALLAS MAVERICKS 117!  We lead at halftime too!
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    My first NBA game was in Sacramento as I watched my 2011 season NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks take on the pathetic Kings of Sacramento.  The Kings were in a quandry since the owners agreed to sell the team to a group in Seattle, but the idiots in Sacramento wanted to try to keep this loser team in this small market where they have no chance of ever being more than the doormat of the league.  As a result, the attendance for the game was very poor.  My Mavericks ended up winning the game by a score of 117 to 108.  To be fair, this season was not the best for us either in Dallas, but we still finished ahead of the Sacramento Kings.

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