First Mavericks Game @ Golden 1 Center (Sacramento - 2017)

This is the new Golden 1 Center in Sacramento.  I think it is pretty crappy.  The Kings are so pathetic that they should just play in a high school gym.

The Mavericks are warming up here before the game.  We had some of our younger talent like Yogi Ferrel and Nerlens Noel in the game.

I am standing near our seats on the lower level of the Golden 1 Center.  I got to represent my Mavs!

The Mavericks and Kings both did not play that well that day.

The Kings Dancers are performing here.
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    My Mavericks did not do that well during the 2016-17 season.  This was only the 2nd season that the Mavericks did not make the playoffs under the ownership of Mark Cuban.  We got some young talent on the team, but the team just did not get it done at the end.  I was able to watch them play however in Sacramento towards the end of the season.  The Golden 1 Center was the new home of the crappy Sacramento Kings.  The Kings are a pretty pathetic team in a small media market.  I thought the new King's stadium sucked!  We had lower level seats, but I heard the upper level seats are really bad.  They are narrow, and there are no cup holders up there.  The Kings are a very cheap team.  They do not spend money on anything.  Also, the new Golden 1 Center was in the middle of downtown with very little parking options.  Overall, it was planned very poorly.  Luckily, Joy had a parking spot from work in downtown so I was able to use her spot for this game.

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