The Cowboys @ Chargers Game (2013)

I am sporting a new Cowboys shirt I got just for this game in this picture at the Q (Charger's Stadium) in San Diego.

Cowboys Kicker Dan Bailey is practicing field goals during pregame warmups in this photo.

The Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is walking out onto the field in this picture.

In this picture, one can see the coin toss before the game.

The Cowboys are getting set to take the opening kick off in this picture.

Tony Romo & Company are starting out at the 20 yard line.

Here is the Cowboys D facing Phillip Rivers & Company.

The Charger Girls are performing here.  They are not as good as our own Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!
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    Towards the end of September in 2013, I flew down to Orange County so I could meet up with some friends and go watch the Cowboys-Chargers game in San Diego.  The Cowboys came into that game with a record of 2-1 and in first place in the NFC East.  This was the first Cowboys game that I went to in person.  It was awesome!  We got pretty good seats as well in the Loge level of Qualcomm Stadium.  The Cowboys started off hot, and we lead 21-13 at half time, but we ended up losing the game that day.  It was still a fun game.  I think that 50% of the fans there were Cowboys fans, and that just goes to show my California friends how the Cowboys are truly "America's Team."  I don't think any other NFL team has the following of the Dallas Cowboys.

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