Anirban playing for the Master Batters COED Softball team of Roseville, CA

I am playing 2nd base here for the Master Batters COED Softball Team.

I am warming up for the game in this picture.
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    One of my friends started a COED softball team in Spring of 2012, and I was asked to play for them.  Our team name was Master Batters.  We got shirts too with a logo on the front and our name and number on the back.  I took #8 for my boyhood idol, Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys.  Although our team did not do that well, it was fun.  This was the first time I played on a softball team ever.  I did really well in terms of getting on base and hitting.  I was decent on defense too.  I caught a few balls for easy outs.

Last Updated:  May 13, 2012 9:01 PM