Valentine's Weekend North Of The Border In Vancouver & Whistler, BC


Joy and I are waiting for our flight to Seattle from SFO in the Admiral's Club.  We weren't too happy with the amenities there.  It was probably the worst airline club I have been to so far.

We flew Virgin America from SFO to SEA.  We were in the Main Cabin Select (MCS) which is only available in 12 seats on the air craft.  In addition to a lot of extra leg room, one gets priority check-in and security line access, free food and drinks, free checked bags, and free entertainment like movies.  It is kind of like their "business class" or "premium economy" class.  I took advantage of the complimentary drinks.  One orders the food and beverages through the touch screen monitor.

We drove from Seattle to Vancouver on the first full day of our trip.  This is the monument at the US-Canada border.

Joy and I went to the Chinese Gardens in Vancouver as our first stop on Valentine's Day!

The Chinese Gardens were pretty cool.  They had a tea room also.

This is a picture of downtown Vancouver from our hotel room.

Here is a nice shot of downtown Vancouver from Stanley Park at night.

Joy and I had dinner at the Boathouse at Kits Beach for Valentine's Day.  The food was pretty good.

Here is acool waterfall we saw on the Sea To Sky Highway en route to Whistler from Vancouver.  That highway was really scenic overall!  We went to Whistler on the 2nd full day of our trip.

Joy and I decided to do some snow tubing at the Coca Cola Tube Park in Whistler.

The snow tubing was really fun!  There was a beginner run as well as an intermediate run.  We did both several times!

The next day, we went to explore Joffre Lakes.  We passted through some tribal lands as well.

Joy and I are exploring Lynn Canyon in this photo.  The suspension bridge is in the background.  Lynn Canyon is in North Vancouver.

Lynn Canyon had nice trails to go hiking on.

We went to Pike's Market in Seattle on the last day of our trip.

Pike's Market is home to the fish shop where they throw the fish.

We went to the 1st Starbucks also.  It is locatted near Pike's Market.

My friends in Seattle gave us this chocolate.  It turned out to be really good!  I am a Cowboys fan, but I will root for Seattle if they play some of their NFC West rivals like the 9ers.  I hate the 49ers!!

    I took Joy to Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia for Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend in 2015.  Our travel plans took us from Sacramento to San Francisco International Airport first where we took a flight to Seattle on Virgin America.  I had a bunch of miles to use up on Virgin America's partner airline, Virgin Atlantic so I was able to get two seats in their Main Cabin Select section which is like their business class or premium economy section.  One gets the priority check in services, complimentary checked bag, as well as priority security line access on the ground.  I also had passes for the Admiral's Club so we chilled there before our flight to Seattle.  In the air, we were able to order complimentary snacks and alcoholic beverages via the touch screen display.  We also got complimentary movies as well.  Chooisng our rental car became a quite a chore.  I was looking for something with satellite radio so I could keep listening to my Prime Country and Highway on SiriusXM.  One could say that I am spoiled :)

    We spent the first night with our friends, Tom & Michelle, and their little daughter in Seattle.  Tom gave us some really good Seattle chocolate, and his wife cooked up a great feast for us.  The next morning, we departed for Vancouver.  After checking into our hotel in downtown Vancouver, we walked over to the Chinese Gardens to start off Valentine's Day.  The Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Classical Gardens were really cool.  Afterwards, we went out to Stanley Park.  It was really beautiful.  We saw the totem poles as well as the famous canon that goes off at 9:00 PM each night.  Afterwards, we went to the Boat House for dinner in Kitsilano Beach.

    The next day, we headed out to Whistler for some winter fun!  After having lunch at the Longhorn Saloon, we did snow tubing for about 2 hours at the Coca Cola Tube Park at Whistler-Blackcomb.  The Whistler Village was really quaint and cool.  The snow was not as good as we expected.  We tried some "beaver tails" also which are a pastry.  Afterwards, we had dinner at a nice Teppan restaurant in the village.  We watched the Fire and Ice Show too late that night.  Then, we headed off to Pemberton for the night.  The next day, we drove over some tribal lands to go see Joffre Lakes.  The drive was really scenic.  Afterwards, we headed back to Vancouver.  We stopped at a cool waterfall on the Sea to Sky Highway.  Afterwards, we went to Lynn Canyon Park to see the suspension bridge.  We hiked around for a while in the park before taking off for the border crossing.

    We went to Seattle on our final day during this trip.  For lunch, we stopped at the Din Tai Fung near University of Washington.  We had gone to two of their locations in Hong Kong so we wanted to try their dumplings in the US also.  Afterwards, we went to Pike's Market in downtown Seattle.  We had a drink at the original Starbucks before departing for the airport.  Our flight back to SFO was just as comfortable as the flight up to Seattle on Virgin America.

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