Cactus League Spring Training Trip 2015 - The "Wilson Effect," Cowboy "Chow," Mi CASA Es Su Casa, & Rangers Baseball


I am all decked out in my Rangers gear at our Spring Training Facility in Surprise, AZ.

This is the starting line ups for the first game we attended during Spring Training in 2015.  My Rangers had lots of our regular stars playing that day including Fielder, Choo, and Beltre.

Seahawks QB & Part Time Ranger Russell Wilson was on hand for the game too.

Here is a good shot of the Padres-Rangers game from our seats.  We had awesome seats behind home plate!

We went to Cowboy Ciao in Scottsdale for dinner the first night.  I ordered the bison meatloaf.  It was really good!

We went to the Brewers-As game the next day since my friend is an As fan.  I hate the As!  The As new Spring Training Facility was just as crappy as their home in Oakland!

The next Rangers ace is showing off his pitching speed.  LOL.  I think I only got up to about 25 mph.

We went to a cool outdoor bar in Tempe named CASA after the baseball game.  It was animal friendly too.  LOL.  They have cute waitresses too :)

The Cubs had a really cool ball park for Spring Training.  Sloan Park reminded me a little of Wrigley Field.

Sloan Field is behind me.

There is the starting pitcher for the crappy Giants for that game.  It was some guy named Hudson.  LOL.  I don't keep tabs on the NL too much since I am an AL guy.

We had awesome front row seats.

The Cubs beat the Giants that day.  I was happy.  Those Giants stole a World Series from my Rangers!

Since the Cubs won the game, we decided to go to Portillo's in Tempe to get some Chicago style Italian beef sandwiches!

    I went out to Phoenix again in March of 2015 to watch some Cactus League spring training baseball  and support my Texas Rangers!  We only went out for three days this time.  As soon as we landed on Saturday, we left for Surprise to watch the Rangers and Padres play at the Rangers' Spring Training home.  One of my buddies from Sacramento flew out with me, and I had two friends from San Diego meet up with us in Phoenix.  The Rangers had a lot of star power on hand that day, and we also had Russell Wilson there.  I got a Ranger's visor for Joy so she could wear it to the Ranger's games when we play the crappy As in Oakland.  It was actually pretty warm too for March in Phoenix.  The temperatures were well into the 90s.

    We hung out in Scottsdale on the first night of our trip.  For dinner, we went to Cowboy Ciao.  They are an upscale take on "Cowboy fare" including elk steaks and bison meatloaf.  I got the bison meatloaf and loved it!  Afterwards, we checked out a few bars in Scottsdale before calling it a night.

    The next day, we went to the Brewers @ A's game at the A's new Spring Training home in Mesa.  It is actually the old Chicago Cubs ballpark.  The inside of the park looked like crap.  It reminded me of the sewage backfill look of the Oakland Coliseum.  We met up with another friend of mine who was visiting his parents in Arizona at that game.  For dinner, we went to Rudy's BBQ, which is a Texas chain.  The food was amazing!  Afterwards, we went to Tempe to party with the ASU folks.  We checked out a cool outdoor bar called CASA.

    On Monday, we went to the Giants @ Cubs game in Mesa.  The Cubs had a really cool park that reminded me of Wrigley Field.  Our seats were front row near the 1st base.  Although we were in the sun for the duration of the game, it was still pretty fun.  We got some awesome gyros for lunch at the ballpark.  Afterwards, we got some Italian beef sandwiches at Portillo's in Tempe before heading to the airport.  I love Spring Training!

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