Valentine's Weekend In Sun Valley, ID Complete With Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride In The Snow


Our Sun Valley Adventure began at the Sun Valley Club, which is home to the Nordic Center also.  They have cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and horse drawn sleigh rides here.

The inside of the clubhouse was first rate and very luxurious.  This is the entrance to the men's locker room.

The men's locker room was meticulously appointed with everything one could need before and after a good Nordic workout.

Sun Valley was such a safe place.  It was not crowded at all, and the staff were amazing too.  One could leave their personal effects in the unlocked cubbies, and no one would bother them.  Sun Valley attracts a higher class of guests than other resorts.

We got amazing weather when we were in Sun Valley.  It was so beautiful!

The Nordic Trails at Sun Valley were groomed really well.  It was a beautiful setting for cross country skiing.

Joy and I are enjoying our cross country experience at Sun Valley.

I am getting quite a work out from this!  It took a while to get a hang out of this too.

Joy liked cross country skiing also.

I enjoyed my "apres ski" also at the clubhouse restaurant.

We went toa wonderful restaurant called Globus for dinner on the first night.  I had the sea bass special, and Joy had a Green Curry with plantain chips and rice.  Sun Valley and Ketchum had amazing restaurants.  No wonder that celebrities love this place.

Joy and I snowshoed the next day at Sun Valley.

Snowshoeing through Sun Valley was also very scenic.

There was a cool creek that wrapped around the snowshoe and cross country trails.

We snowshoed up to the Hemingway monument.  Apparently, he was a frequent guest to Sun Valley.

We took a romantic ride on the horse drawn sleigh in Sun Valley on Valentine's Day.

The Horse Drawn Sleigh was fun.

My "apres ski" at the Club House after a day of snowshoeing.  The fresh baked cookies were amazing with my Maker's and Diet.

Here's a picture of our dinners on Valentine's Day at the Sawtooth Club in Ketchum.  I got the lobster special.  Joy got seared Ahi Tuna.

We are pictured outside a snow sculpture of the Sun Valley logo outside the Sun Valley Lodge.

Joy and I are winding down Valentine's Day with a drink at the Sun Valley Lodge.

We got a history lesson on our way back to Boise.  This is the famous crossing on the Snake River that the pioneers on the Oregon Trail crossed.  It is in the famous game too.

We enjoyed Brazilian BBQ at Tucano's Grill when we got back into Boise.

This is the Idaho State Capital.

Here is the famous blue field at Albertson Stadium where the Boise State Broncos play.

We went to the old Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise also.  It was built in the 1800s when Idaho was a territory.

    For Valentine's Day weekend in 2016, I planned a romantic getaway to Sun Valley, Idaho.  Sun Valley is rated as one of the top three ski resorts in the country.  The surrounding area is so beautiful also.  It is home to celebrities as well.  This was also President's Day Weekend so we had Monday off.  We flew out of Sacramento on Friday night for Boise, which is the closest major airport to Sun Valley.  After enjoying a night of fun in Boise at the Bardenay Distillery and a country dance club called Dirty Little Roddy's, we drove out to Sun Valley on Saturday morning.  The drive takes about two and a half hours.  Our first stop was in the town of Hailey, Idaho where we stopped for lunch at a local burger joint called Wicked Spud.  They had some pretty awesome French Fries.  Afterwards, we proceeded to Sun Valley.

    Once we got into the Sun Valley Resort area, we were so amazed with their facilities.  Everything was so high end, and the staff was very friendly.  We went to the Nordic Center so we could cross country ski.  The club house at the Nordic Center was amazing.  They had first rate locker rooms for changing along with a great restaurant and bar.  The staff helped us get into our gear, and we were off on the groomed cross country trails.  We were amazed at how the place was not crowded like Tahoe.  Sun Valley attracts a different and higher class of people, and one can even leave their stuff unattended for hours without anyone stealing it.  We did a half day of cross country skiing.  The scenery around was so beautiful too.  Afterwards, we had a drink at the bar before calling it a day of winter fun.  For dinner, we enjoyed a local fine dining establishment called Globus.

    The next day was Valentine's Day.  We did a full day of snowshoeing at the Sun Valley Nordic Center.  We hiked all the way out to the Trail Creek Cabin, and then we went up to the Hemingway Monument.  Ernest Hemingway used to come to Sun Valley a lot.  Afterwards, we grabbed lunch at the Sun Valley Club House.  They had amazing fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  Then, we went on a romantic horse drawn sleigh ride.  The ride was about forty five minutes, and it took us back out to the Trail Creek cabin.  We did some more snowshoeing after the sleigh ride.  Then, we had our "apres ski" time for the day at the Sun Valley Club House again with some Maker's and diet.  For dinner, I made reservations for the Sawtooth Club in Ketchum, Idaho.  Ketchum is just outside of Sun Valley.  Our dinner was great!  Then, we went to the Sun Valley Lodge for a drink.

    We went back to Boise the next morning.  Along the way, we stopped at the famous Snake River crossing called Glenn's Ferry that was used by the pioneers on the Oregon Trail.  On Monday, we just toured Boise including the State Capitol, Old Idaho State Penitentiary, and Boise State University.  Moreover, we went to the Tilted Kilt for Happy Hour also.  We both liked Idaho a lot, and we were impressed with how nice the people are.  Once one leaves California, people get so friendly.

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