Cactus League Spring Training Trip 2016 - Catcher's Signature, Rudy's BBQ, The Kilt, & Rangers Baseball


We started out Day 1 of Spring Training with a hearty breakfast at the Waffle House in Phoenix.  I have not been to one of these in probably 20 years at least!  The waffles were great!

I was able to get an autograph from the Rangers Catcher, Robinson Chirinos, at the first game we went to during this trip, which was the Rangers at the Brewers.

I am proudly displaying my autographed baseball and wearing my Rangers shirt and cap for this game against the Brewers.

We had to sit on the Brewers side of the stadium because the tickets were pretty hard to get for this game.

The Brewers Ball Park had great beer obiviously!  I got the Lemon Tree which is a combination of Crispin Cider and Summer Shandy.

I got some California inspired noodles to go with my Milwaukee Beer.  LOL.

The Rangers are celebrating a great win here at the end!

We had dinner at the BoneFish Grill in Phoenix on the first night.  I have always wanted to try this place since I saw their ads in airline magazines!

This was one of the best ahi tuna that I ever had!

This is the line up for the 2nd game we went to during this trip.  My Rangers took on the lowly A's of Oakland!  I hate Oakland!

My friends and I are enjoying the game!

The Rangers' Spring Training Facility is my favorite ballpark in Phoenix.  I am a little biased of course.  LOL.

Beltre is celebrating a 3 run HR in this photo.

We got some great BBQ at Rudy's Country Store and BBQ in Chandler on Day 2!

We went to see the Cubs play the A's on the third day!  My friend is at an A's fan.

I had more noodles at this game too!

I am chilling at the pool area at the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix on the last day of our trip!  The Clarendon is a historic boutique hotel in Phoenix.

My friend and I decided to get a snack at the Tilted Kilt in downtown Phoenix before we left for the airport.

   I went to Spring Training again in 2016 to see my Texas Rangers, who were coming off a great season where we took the AL West.  My friends and I went to check out our teams get ready for the regular season in the Phoenix, Arizona area in March.  I love Spring Training.  The weather is usually awesome, the people are friendly, and there is plenty of baseball to go around.  Also, Phoenix has a lot of nice restaurants.  Our first day in Phoenix was spent at the Maryvale Baseball Facility where we watched my Rangers take on the Brewers.  Before the game, we got a great breakfast at the Waffle House.  I have not been to one of these since we were in the Southern US when I was a little kid.  We also got a drink at Hooters before the game to get us pumped up.  Since we got to the game early, I was able to get an autograph from our catcher, Robinson Chirinos.  He did a good job for us last season at the catcher position.  The Maryvale Ball Park has great beer options since it is the home of the Milwaukee Brewers obviously.  I love the Summer Shandy, and I was able to try a drink that combined that with Crispin Cider.  They also have the famous weiner races too where these four guys dressed up as sausages race each other.  The Rangers beat the Brewers by a score of  8 to 5.  After the game, we chilled at the hotel for sometime before heading out to dinner at the BoneFish Grill in Phoenix.  The BoneFish Grill is an upscale chain restaurant specializing in fresh fish and seafood.  I had some amazing ahi tuna there.  Afterwards, we headed out to Scottsdale for some drinking.  We hung out at the Rocker Bar and enjoyed some pool and live music.

    The next day, we went to Surprise to watch my Rangers take on the lowly A's at our Spring Training home.  My friends from San Diego joined us for that day.  My Rangers killed the A's by a score of 14 to 5.  I got to see some awesome homeruns also including a three run shot by our third baseman Adrian Beltre.  After the game, we enjoyed dinner at Rudy's Country Store and BBQ in Chandler, Arizona.  Their food was amazing!

    On Sunday, we went to see the Cubs play the lowly A's at the Hohokam Stadium in Mesa.  That night, we hung out near ASU in Tempe at some local bars.  That area is always really fun.

    We decided to just chill on Monday at the pool.  We got day passes for the Clarendon Hotel Pool area in downtown Phoenix.  The pool area was pretty nice, and they had cool little cabanas where you could enjoy the Phoenix weather.  I enjoyed a nice pina colada in my little cabana.  We went to Tilted Kilt afterwards for dinner before we left for the airport.

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