Stanford-Cal Game @ Cal Memorial Stadium (2012)

Here's a shot of the section we were sitting at for the game.

This is the Cal Band performing at half time.

I am standing near the Cal logo inside the restricted area where you needed the VIP wristband to get into.

This is the team dining room at Cal Memorial Stadium.  The guests of the team get to eat here too after the game.  There was a decent buffet for us along with a full open bar.

This is the workout area for the Cal Bears team.
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    I got invited to the annual Stanford-Cal game in 2012 by one of my friends who knew someone that worked for the team.  Since I went to a D2 school, I never experienced a D1 college football game until this game.  It was actually pretty cool.  They had the cheerleaders and dance squad along with the bands performing.  College football was pretty fast paced.  We got free tickets along with a VIP wristband for access to the "5th quarter" afterwards in the Team Dining Room.  Morever, we got a tour of the facility including the offices where the coaches work, the player meeting rooms, and press box.  The buffet set up for us afterwards was not bad, and they had a full open bar including my drink of choice, Jamesons.

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