Luxury Loft at Spurs-Kings Game (2018)

We used the VIP entrance to enter the loft level of the Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento.

The Loft Level is part of the two VIP levels at Golden 1 Center.  The Suites are just above this level.

The Luxury Lofts were smaller than the suites, but they were still really nice.

The seats in the loft were really comfortable!

The National Championship Game for College Football was on the TV in our loft also.

Here is a view of the game from the loft.  It was really cool!  This was like the best viewing experience I have seen at a sporting event!

I am enjoying a $15 adult beverage in the loft.  The drinks are way overpriced!
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    A friend of mine got some tickets to a luxury loft for the San Antonio Spurs and Sacramento Kings game in January of 2018.  Although I am a Mavericks fan, I thought it would be cool to go check it out with him and also hang out with my friend who I have not seen in a while.   The luxury loft actually impressed me!  For Sacramento, these lofts were amazing.  The view was so cool too.  The luxury lofts are smaller versions of the suites which are above this level.  There were four nice large chairs in the front of the balcony area.  The back area had four bar stools over a counter.  Furthermore, there was a food buffet area.  The food is extra however.  Moreover, they had a TV in each loft.

    I was rooting for the Spurs since I HATE the Sacramento Kings!  I can not stand them!  However, I was watching a lot of the National Championship game too that night on the TV.  The Spurs ended up beating the Kings.

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