Southern Oregon Adventure & Tour


Bambi is grazing behind Joy at Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon!

They have a free presentation at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival called the "Green Show" every night usually.

This is the Southern Oregon coast right after crossing into Oregon from California!  It was beautiful!

Here is a picture of Whales Head Beach in Southern Oregon.

This is a light house along the Southern Oregon Coast.

This was our view at dinner in Coos Bay.  The sea planes were kind of neat to watch.

We had dinner at Benetti's in Coos Bay.  The food and views were excellent!

We rode some ATVs on the Oregon Dunes in Winchester Bay.  It was harder that one would think!

After I got comfortable with the ATV, it was pretty fun!

We had freshly shucked oysters in Winchester Bay at an oyster farm.  These are the best oysters that I ever had!

    I went to visit Southern Oregon with Joy during Fourth of July weekend in 2015.  We drove up to Medford on the first day, and we were able to stop in Ashland and see the Shakespeare Festival.  I was shocked at how hot it can get in Southern Oregon.  We had a night cap at the 4 Daughter's Irish Pub in Medford that night.  I got my Jameson Gold.  Afterwards, we drove to the Oregon coast on the 4th of July.  The drive took us south to the Redwood Forests of Northern California before we crossed back into Oregon.  The drive up the coast was very scenic and pleasant.  The weather was nice too.  We stopped at several areas including Whales Head Beach, Bandon, and Coos Bay.  Along the way, we sampled some great seafood.  We watched the fireworks in Coos Bay, and then we went to a local Indian casino to gamble.  I was happy to see that they had real casino games like Craps which the California Indian casinos do not have.

    The next day, we drove to Winchester Bay to go on an ATV Adventure on the Oregon Dunes.  This was both our first times handling an ATV.  They are hard to drive on the sand, and Joy and I both got stuck at one point on the sands.  Once we figured out how to drive them, it was fun!  Afterwards, we went to an oyster farm in Winchester Bay for some freshly shucked oysters.  We drove to Florence next to have lunch at Mo's.  They are a great seafood restaurant built onto a river near the ocean.  The clam chowder was amazing!  Then, we headed back to Medford for the night.  We were able to do some tax free shopping in Medford since Oregon does not have any sales tax.  Before we left Medford, we tried a Southern Oregon staple called Abby's Pizza.  We liked it a lot also.

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