Rangers vs A's (2016) - Last Series of The Season With The A's

  Joy and I went to watch the Rangers take on the crappy A's in September of 2016 for the last series between these two teams in Oakland.

We had Yu Darvish on the mound for us.

The Rangers are celebrating a great win against the A's!  We took the first game of the series also on that Friday.

I went back to see the last game in this series on Sunday too.  Since the Cowboys were playing on Sunday Night Football, I had to represent both teams!  I was able to make it home to catch the Cowboys game too!

Derek Holland was in our starting rotation, but he was on the DL towards the end of the season.  He pitched out of the bullpen that day.
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    Joy and I went to see the last season series with the A's in Oakland in September of 2016 with another couple.  Unfortunately, the other couple was rooting for the A's however.  LOL.  We are Rangers fans so we made sure we booed the A's.  The Rangers had already won the AL West the night before by beating Oakland so we were just working towards securing home field advantage throughout the post season.  We won the Saturday game with ease against the lowest of the low A's by a score of  5 to 0.  We mostly played our backups also.  I did see Elvis Andrus hit 2 home runs also!

    On Sunday, my buddies and I went to the last game in the series.  We lost that game, but it did not matter.  The Rangers were going to the post season, and the A's were out of the playoffs.  Since the Cowboys played on Sunday Night Football, I did not miss them since this game was a day game.  I have the NFL Sunday Ticket through DirecTV also so I can watch football games on my iPhone as well.

Last Updated:  September 25, 2016 10:09 PM