The Cincinatti Reds @ MY TEXAS RANGERS (June 2013) Game 2

This is another shot of the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  It is an amazing baseball facility!

This is a great picture of Cowboys Stadium from the Lexus Club Level of the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington!

I sat in the Lexus Club for the 2nd game!  It was SO HOT until the sun went down!  I cooled down with some Blue Bell ice cream and a snow cone!
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    I went back for game 2 of our three game series with the Cincinatti Reds on that Saturday in June of 2013.  This time, I sat in the Lexus Club.  It was so hot when the game first started.  The heat and humidity together with the sun beating down on me was uncomfortable, but I was still HAPPY to be in Texas to watch my Rangers!  The girls at the ballpark are just unbelievable!  Texas has the most beautiful women in the world!  We did lose this game in extra innings, but we went on to win the series by winning the game on Sunday afternoon!  I did not get to go to that game since I had a 6:50 PM flight out of DFW.

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