Please come on in, y'all.  The next tour is about to begin....

Press the Ring door bell, and my personal digital assistant, "Alexa," will alert me that someone is at the door via all the Echo devices in the house.  My phone and iPad get notified as well.

The famous terra cotta warrior statue replica stands guard over the entry.  There are lots of Asian elements seen downstairs.  That hat from Vietnam was hand made and features artwork that can only be seen when light is focused on it.

I bought that wind chime over the powder room door in Japan.  What is that wine bottle doing there?  I will get to that in the next section.

Are you visiting me at night?  This is what the entry looks like with the WIFI controlled SMART Lyfx Light.

5             6
My Lyfx Light app looks like this.  "Alexa" can also turn the light on or off too.  I can even change the color temperature of the bulb from my app.


    What is up with that red accent wall!  I like it.  I think that little area that jets out of the main wall was perfect for an accent wall.  The fire engine red color goes well against the black accents in the room including the bamboo.  A good buddy of mine painted that wall when I first moved in.  Professional painters that I have hired since then to do other paint projects in my house have commented on how well my civil engineer buddy can paint! 

Last Updated:  August 19, 2019 8:09 PM