We Are Engaged!


This is the cool wine cave at Bella Vineyards in Healdsburg, CA.

Joy and I began our wine tasting inside the wine cave before I proposed outside.  I was able to hide the ring box from her somehow!

Here's a picture of the ring after I proposed outside the wine cave at Bella Vineyards!

The newly engaged couple are finishing up the wine tasting in the wine cave.

The Healdsburg wine country was really beautiful!

We continued our wine tasting tour at Roadhouse Winery in Healdsburg, CA.

Joy ran in a 10K the following day in Windsor, CA.  Here is a picture of her near an old barn by our hotel in Santa Rosa, CA.  She's wearing the Texas Rangers visor I got for her during Spring Training.

Windsor is a cool little town between Santa Rosa and Healdsburg.  The downtown area was really neat.

    I asked Joy to marry me in the beautiful Healdsburg Wine Country in Sonoma County on May 16, 2015.  Joy had signed up for a 10K run in Windsor for that Sunday so I planned a fun weekend for us in wine country.  Finding the ring was the hard part.  I did not realize that there were so many things to consider with the diamond like the cut and clarity.  I thought it was all about the carats!  Apparently, the quality of the diamond is based on various factors.  However, after looking at rings throughout Sacramento and online, I found the one I liked for her.  It was a 13 stone ring with three large diamonds in the center.  The three stones represent past, present, and future.  Joy is pretty simple compared to me so I did not go with a very complicated design.

    After we arrived at the Bella Vineyards and Wine Cave in Healdsburg, we were mesmerized by the beautiful location.  We thought the area was more scenic than Napa.  We began our wine tasting inside the wine cave.  Afterwards, I asked her to come outside, and I tried to find a private spot where I could propose to her.  I took out the ring and asked her if she will marry me.  She was so surprised!  Of course, she said yes :) Afterwards,  we finished our wine tasting inside the wine cave and posed for pictures.  The vineyard made an announcement on how we got engaged there!  Furthermore, they let us keep our wine tasting glasses that had Bella on them.  We continued our wine tasting tour in downtown Healdsburg at Roadhouse Winery next.  They had a nice selection of Pinot Noirs for us to try.

    That night, we had dinner at the Bravas Bar de Tapas in Healdsburg.  The food was amazing!  The restaurant sent over some complimentary gaspacho and maracona almonds for us since we got engaged that day.  We ordered a lot of nice dishes including the seafood paella.  The food was amazing!

    The next morning, Joy ran her 10K in Windsor.  Afterwards, we had a nice breakfast at the hotel before we went back to Windsor for some more wine tasting.  Then, we stopped at the Graton Casino to have lunch at the MY Noodle restaurant.  It is a Martin Yan restaurant.  We played a little slots before heading home.

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