Brewery Tours & More In Beautiful Bend, Oregon (2016)


Here is a nice picture of Joy and me by the fireplace at the main lodge at the Seventh Mountain Resort in Bend, Oregon.

The Seventh Mountain Resort had wonderful amenities including two large heated pools, spas, suana, tennis courts, mini golf, and more!

The resort also had seasonal activities like ice skating at their own rink when it was cold enough.

We explored the falls on the Deschutes River near Bend after checking into the resort.  This is Benham Falls.

Joy and I had dinner at Zedeco Kitchen & Cocktails in downtown Bend on the first night.  The food was amazing!

We explored the Cascade Lakes the following day.  This is a picture of Todd Lake.

Mt. Bachelor is right by Bend also.  It is a ski resort in the winter.

We decided to do an electric bike tour of the breweries in Bend.  The weather was pretty nice for October.

The electric bikes we used for the brewery tour had a thottle on the right side.  They had pretty good power too.

Joy is practicing on her electric bike before we all took off on the tour.

Our first brewery on the tour was Boneyard.  They made their brewery out of equipment that they salvaged from various places.

I saw this vintage beer can at Boneyard, and I had to snap a picture of it since I love Texas!

We liked the beers at Boneyard the best out of the three we toured.  We ended up getting a growler there too.

This was our selection of beer at Silver Moon Brewery to sample.

We went to 10 Barrell Brewery also.  We got to sample 10 different beers there.

Joy and I went minature golfing at the resort on the last day.  She looks mad for some reason in this picture.  LOL.  I think it was because I was way ahead of her on the score card.

I am a pro at mini golf.  LOL.

This was a cool sculpture of kayaks at River View Park in Bend.  Bend was a beautiful little city.

I needed a place to watch my Cowboys play.  Cabin 22 was an awesome sports bar where they had nice sectional couches to sit back and take in the games at.  The Cowboys killed the Bengals that day!

   Joy and I decided to go to Bend, Oregon in October of 2016.  Joy's friend had some timeshare credits she needed to sell so we bought two nights from her for the Seventh Mountain Resort in Bend, Oregon.  It is run by Wyndham.  Bend is about a ten hour drive from Sacramento so we decided to break up the drive by stopping in Red Bluff for the night on the way up.  Red Bluff was only a few hours north of Sacramento.  I was able to add Joy to my company car since she was my fiancee.  As a result, she could drive my company car.  My company lets us use the company car for personal use, and they even pay for the gas for the car when we are using it on vacation.  The drive up to Bend was pretty cool.  I was able to watch the Rangers-Blue Jays playoff game too for most of the trip from Red Bluff to Bend in the car.  I could also listen to it on SXM too.

    After arriving at the Seventh Mountain Resort, we checked in at the beautiful lodge and was able to get some cookies and coffee before we drove to our 1 bedroom condo unit.  The unit was decent.  There was a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and fireplace.  The fireplace did not work however since they were converting them to gas.  The place was a bit dated, but the grounds were nice.  After unloading our luggage, we went out to explore the local water falls on the Deschutes River.  Benham Falls was our first destination.  It was a short hike from where we parked the car.  Some of the roads were unpaved, but my company car was AWD so it was fine.  Benham Falls was really cool, and I joked that I was wondering where the power outlets were for the "Glade Plug Ins" since I could smell an awesome pine scent all around.  LOL.  The pine scent of course came from the real pine trees all around me.  Joy and I went to another falls after Benham before heading back to the resort to change for dinner.

    I made reservations at Zydeco Kitchen and Cocktails in downtown Bend.  Downtown Bend was a quaint little bustling area of commerce in Bend.  The whole city was planned really nicely, and it was very clean.  Zydeco was awesome!  They got my cocktail just right with the perfect blend of Basil Hayden's and club soda and a splash of Ginger Ale.  The roasted beet and goat cheese salad was amazing too.  Afterwards, I had a 18 ounce T bone steak.  Joy and I walked around downtown after dinner and found a sweet shop.  I got some great ice cream there, and she got some other sweets for us.

    The next morning, we went up towards Mt. Bachelor to explore the Cascade Lakes.  There were a lot of nice lakes up in the Cascade Mountains near Bend.  We went for some short hikes out of the lakes including Todd Lake.  The weather was just perfect too.  Bend gets a good Indian Summer around October so the temperature was quite pleasant.  We had an electric bike tour of the breweries in Bend in the afternoon.  Bend is known for breweries, and this company had a cool tour via electric bikes.  We had lunch first in a nice little cafe near the bike tour store.  Our guide had us get used to the bikes first in the parking lot before we took them out on the main roads.  Bend traffic was not too bad so it was fine to ride bikes in the street.  The first stop on the tour was Boneyard Brewery.  It was made out of lots of salvaged parts.  Afterwards, we went to the Silver Moon Brewery.  We finished  at the 10 Barrell Brewery.  After we came back to the tour office, we explored the strip mall there that had a Cider House too called Atlas Ciders.  They had great apple cider donuts!  Afterwards, we went to the outlet to do some tax free shopping!

    The following day, we played some minature golf at the resort before going to Cabin 22 to watch my Cowboys take on the Bengals.  Cabin 22 is a cool sports bar with nice sectional couches that one can stretch out on and watch the football games.  We headed out to Medford to spend the night before we returned back to Sacramento.

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