2016 Christmas Party @ My House


Joy and I are posing by the Christmas Tree prior to our party starting.  We both wore festive colors to celebrate the season.

Our party server is offering champagne to two of our guests, Trudy and Eric.

Our party server was a big help!  It was a great idea to hire someone to help work our party.  She is putting the finishing touches on my Holiday Sherbert and Sorbet punch!

Joy's cousin and fiancee, Sam and Ronnie, are pictured here.  Sam helped decorate the house the night before.

Yuri and Julia are in high spirits with the tree in the background.

Jeff and Erin brought amazing homemade fudge made with Fireball Whisky!  It was delicious!

Ginny and baby Kenna are enjoying the Holiday Punch.

Baby Conrad likes to dance!  "Alexa" is playing music for him to dance too.

We set up Finding Dory for the kids to watch in the Cowboys Room upstairs.  Moreover, we got cool Finding Dory Candy Canes for the kids too as a nice party favor.

   I have not hosted a Christmas Party since 2009 so I thought that it would be awesome to have friends over to celebrate the holiday season in 2016.  This was also the first Christmas Party that Joy and I hosted together at my house.  So, we decided to have a large Christmas Party for our friends in the area.  We got a pre made turkey and also made the trimmings like stuffing.  Our friends all brought delicious side dishes or desserts to share.  Joy's cousin brought Tri Tip also.  Since we were expecting a large crowd including a few toddlers, we decided to hire someone to help serve and clean up during the party too.  I put an ad online in my neighborhood's email list serve, and I was happy to find someone who responded.  She did catering before so she was perfect for the event.  Moreover, she was very professional and courteous to our guests.

    For beverage selections, I made an old favorite from my childhood and added a holiday flair to it.  My mother used to have lime sherbert punch by adding lime sherbert to Sprite or Ginger Ale.  We decided to use lime sherbert as well as raspberry sorbet to give it a holiday color.  The ;unch was a big hit that night.  Moreover, we had champagne that was served to our guests upon arrival by our party helper.  In addition, we had sparkling cider and a Pinot Noir along with still and sparkling European spring waters.

    Since we expected some toddlers, we set up Finding Dory for them in my Cowboy's Room upstairs along with some treats and Finding Dory candy canes too as a nice party favor.  Joy's cousin and Joy both decorated the house too the night before the party.  It turned out great!  Our friends loved the party, and we enjoyed having them over as well.  One of our friends even brought home made Fireball fudge.  Someone also made awesome macaroons too!  Merry Christmas everyone from Joy and me!

Last Updated:  December 23, 2016 11:08 PM