My Bachelor Parties in Las Vegas & Reno (2018)


We are prepartying with some whiskey in the suite at the Embassy Suites Convention Center in Las Vegas before heading out!

I am excited for my bachelor party (um, I mean my upcoming wedding) :)

The limo arrived on time to take us on a night on the town!

The gang is all pumped up to go out and party!

Selfies and smiles.  I think it's the alcohol hitting us all.

The limo was a nice touch so all of us could fit into one vehicle and not have to worry about a designated driver!

We started off the next day with a little lunch at Texas de Brazil.  It is one of my favorite Brazilian Steakhouses anywhere!

The dessert tray looked almost as good as the meats that were served tableside.

They even made me a heart shaped coconut pie since it was my bachelor party weekend!

We stopped for a picture by the famous Las Vegas sign also.

We stayed at the Tropicana on Saturday night.  I wanted to stay here since I remember the famous scene from Diamonds Are Forever when Bond stayed here, and I am a big James Bond fan.

The Tropicana also has cute waitresses in bikinis around the pool area.  I don't know how she got in the picture :)

We had dinner at RA Sushi on the strip that night.  Joy's cousin arrived on Saturday to party with us also.

This roll was amazing.  It was spicy too!

We saw David Copperfield at MGM on Saturday night.  His show was amazing!

David Copperfield emailed this before the show started!

We had a party van on Saturday night to take us to our VIP Table with Bottle Service at a top Las Vegas club.

The party van was part of the VIP package!

In between the Las Vegas and Reno bachelor parties, I went up to Reno with a friend from Seattle who could not make either parties.  He flew in the weekend before the Reno party just to celebrate with me.  We mostly gambled in Reno, and we enjoyed great food and drink!

We went to Twin Peaks in Sacramento on the Eve of my 2nd Bachelor Party.  The girls insisted I take a picture with them!  LOL.

We started off the 2nd Bachelor Party in Reno with some fine dining at the Steakhouse at Western Village.  It is owned by Peppermill Resorts.  The inside was really cool looking.

They served us a sorbet course topped with champagne to cleanse the pallet between the salad and main course.  The service was great!

I ordered a 12 oz filet mignon served medium rare!  The steak was amazing!

They even brought me a slice of cheesecake with a candle on it since it was my bachelor party weekend!

I rented a two bedroom suite at the Homewood Suites in Reno to serve as party central.  We had a 2nd suite on the 2nd floor as an overflow party room too.

We turned the suite into a fun place where everyone could drink, enjoy snacks, and even have a good Dominican cigar.

We had plenty of alcoholic beverages in the fridge in the suite as well as lots of soda and bottled water to stay hydrated from all the drinking.

I am double fisting here with some strong local beer and some Bulleit and Diet Coke.

My buddy is giving us a funny pose with the Captain Morgan's bottle.

I think I am drinking more here.  LOL.

I am chilling with more of my buddies in the suite.

One of my friends got me a growler with strong local beer!

We had a party van to transport us around town.

The hotel was very kind to us.  They brought us buckets so we could take our booze on the party bus as well!

We started out dinner at Chihuahua's Mexican Restaurant with about $200 worth of Don Julio shots.  Apparently, this was a really good version of Don Julio.  I was so drunk at that point that I did not remember.

I was so gone at dinner between the margaritas, tequila shots, and what I drank before we got to the restaurant.  I do not remember posing for this picture.

The restaurant let me keep that hat.  We are taking the party bus to the Midtown Reno bars for more drinking!

My fraternity brother from college, Bryan, joined us later in the evening.

We are ready for some more drinking and fun back at the main party suite at the hotel.

The great food continued into Sunday as we had brunch at Atlantis!  The seafood was great.

    I have been fortunate throughout my life to have great friends and be a very social person.  Many of my milestone events like my 21st birthday were all above the top with major events celebrated over weeks at a time!  So, when it came to planning my bachelor party, I decided that I should have at least two parties.  My friends and I decided to split up the parties into a Las Vegas one for my friends down in Southern California and Nevada and a Reno one also for Northern California people.  Some say my latest trip to the Dominican Republic could be considered a "preparty" also for my two bachelor parties.  LOL.

    My Las Vegas bachelor party was more of an intimate group.  We only had a total of seven guys for that party, but it was still really fun!  I wanted to stay at the Tropicana for a few reasons.  James Bond stayed there in Diamonds Are Forever, and I am a huge James Bond fan.  Also, Tropicana is a part of the Hilton family so I got VIP treatment as a HHonors Diamond Guest.  I was able to check in the VIP Lounge, and I got an oversized room as well overlooking the pool area.  What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas so I will not go into much detail.  All I will say is that:

1.  I got very little sleep all weekend (maybe 2-3 hours each night).
2.  We ate lots of great food including Brazilian BBQ!
3.  The group traveled in style with either a limo or party van for each night's activities.
4.  We had VIP service everywhere we went!
5.  I had a major buzz both nights!
6.  My buddies are really cool and treated me to an AMAZING weekend of fun in Sin City!

    One of my fraternity brothers from college flew in from Seattle the week before my 2nd bachelor party since he could not make either one to celebrate my upcoming nuptials with Joy.  We went up to Reno to do some gambling and drinking as well as having some great food too.  My 2nd bachelor party started off with a nice dinner at the Steakhouse at Western Village in Sparks, Nevada.  This steakhouse was elegant, and the service was great.  I loved the food too.  One of my friends knew a connection over there so the manager made sure we had a great dinner.  I even got a nice slice of cheesecake from the restaurant with a candle on it.  After dinner, we gambled and drank at Grand Sierra Resort (GSR).  The bartenders hooked me up with premium liquor including Pendleton Rye.

    The next day, we pretty much chilled until it was time to get the party suite set up.  I reserved a two bedroom suite at the Homewood Suites in Reno.  We also had a 2nd suite upstairs as an overflow party room.  The hotel was very hospitable towards us, and they did not complain once about noise or anything.  I am a HHonors Diamond member however so they probably knew I was a Hilton VIP.  LOL.  One of my friends was in charge of all the snacks and drinks.  We had a lot of stuff!  He got us Captain Morgan's and Bulleit.  Another friend of mine got us some great cream tequila.  Moreover, I took up some liquor also.  I also got a growler of great local beer from another friend.  We had plenty of food and drinks to choose from!  I got so wasted at our pre-party.

    Around 7:00 PM, our party bus arrived to take us to dinner.  A friend of mine from Reno booked the banquet room at this Mexican restaurant for us.  By the time we got to the restaurant, I was so gone.  I think I ended up ordering like $200 worth of Don Julio shots that the waiter recommended.  Apparently, they thought I wanted this huge drink dispener to be filled with beer too.  I also got a pitcher of expensive margaritas too.  LOL.  I do not remember a lot from that dinner since I was really drunk!  The food was good however.  The waiter did give me a nice hat also to wear.

    The party bus took us to a bar in Midtown Reno after dinner.  I had a few more drinks there too.  After we finished over there, we headed back to the Homewood Suites to continue the party and drink more.  The guys all had a great time.  I am fortunate to have great friends.

    On Sunday, we enjoyed the brunch at the Atlantis Hotel & Casino in Reno.  They are known for good quality seafood.

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