My 40th Birthday Party - "Around The World In 40 Years"


This was the official invitation to my 40th Birthday Party.  I obviously covered up Joy's phone number for privacy reasons.  LOL.

My 40th Birthday Party was held at our racquet club in Sacramento.  We had custom signs made for the event to match the invitations.

Joy did a great job of decorating the outdoor patio area at the Natomas Racquet Club for my big party!

We had an around the world themed buffet with food catered by different places.  This table featured the American buffet with wings from Buffalo Wild Wings as well as potato salad.

This table featured sushi from the best sushi place in town, Mikuni.  We also had Chinese food and Mexican food on this table as well.

This table featured Italian, Indian, and Mediterranean cuisines.

We had the movie Around The World In 80 Days playing on one of the buffet tables as well to go with the theme of the party.

Some of the guests have just arrived and are enjoying some of the chips and salsa on the tables.  We had this whole area reserved for the party.

The guests are beginning to dig into the buffet.

I decided to go with Beck's Beer to represent Germany.  Jason and Kenna are seated with me here.

Joy and I are pictured here behind one of the buffet tables.  The club did a great job of setting up tables and providing us with large bins for drinks.

I thought I would take a picture with the pinata before we whacked it!

My parents are pictured with Joy and me here.  I was happy they live close enough to us now so they can take part in these type of events.

We are pictured here with Bob.  Joy and I actually met through Bob.

My old friends, Trudy and Eric, are here with us.  They were at my 30th birthday party too!

Here is a group photo of both our families.  Joy's family is also very nice and cool!  Our tennis coach, George, photobombed us.  LOL.

Joy got me a custom cake!  This cake features the skyline of Dallas since I am such a big sports fans of all the D/FW Metroplex teams.  The candles are even the colors of the Texas Rangers.

It's time for me to cut my cake!

One of my good friends from back in the college day, Jeff, and I are pictured here with his son and my friend's daughter.

The kids enjoyed the smaller pool at the club that day also.

The kids enjoyed trying to knock down the pinata!

I opened all my presents once I got home.  My friends got me some great gifts.  I love Pendleton Rye now!

Trudy and Eric got me a really cool wine cooler too!

    May 19th fell on a Saturday in 2018.  2018 also marked the 40th year of that great day that I came into this world.  Joy threw me a great 40th birthday party at our racquet club in Sacramento.  The Natomas Racquet Club has a great party package where they provided us with a hostess for the evening and access to all the facilities for my guests.  We decided to have the theme be "Anirban Around The World In 40 Years" since I am a world traveller and LOVE to travel!  Joy got food catered from all these different places.  We ended up having sushi from the top sushi restaurant in Sacramento called Mikuni.  Also, we had a caterer I use a lot for my business lunches do the Meditterean food.  My mom insisted on making some Indian appetizers.  In addition, we had potstickers, crab rangoons, and chow mein to represent Chinese food.  For Mexican, we had tacos as well as chips with salsa and guacamole.  For Italian, we had assorted pizzas.  We also had Buffalo Wild Wings wings and potato salad to represent American food.  In addition, we had lots of beverages including Beck's Beer to represent Germany, California wine, and lots of non alcoholic drinks including Italian sodas.  Joy also got lots of sweet treats too.

    The little kids were able to enjoy the kiddie pool at the club.  The guests were allowed to use our changing facilities, and the club has towel service so the guests did not have to bring a lot of stuff with them.  Guests could also check out equipment like tennis racquets, ping pool paddles, etc.  I got an Amazon Echo Dot for the party also.  I have many "Alexas" in my house, but I figured the portable version would be cool since I could create a party playlist on Amazon Music and stream it via the WIFI at the club.  It worked out great!

    Both of our families helped set up a lot of the decorations and tables.  It was great to have both of our families there.  Joy also created a custom guest book for me with pictures of all my travels around the world.  I liked having my firiends and family sign it so I can remember this day forever.  Our tennis coach, George, even showed up to the party.  He ended up photobombing our family group photo.

    The weather was perfect too.  We did not have to worry about some of the food like the sushi spoiling.  Everyone loved the food!

    Joy had a custom cake made for me!  It had a skyline of the city of Dallas, Texas.  I was so blown away when I saw it.  The cake was great also.  After the cake, the kids got to whack around a pinata that we had.  I ended up having to take it down at the end since it was a little too much for the toddlers.

    I will definitely remember my 40th birthday forever.

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