My 2002 Acura RSX - Front Side View

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    Here is the first of twelve pictures of my "baby."  My 2002 RSX is my first brand new car out of college.  The RSX is Acura's luxury sports coupe, and it replaced the popular Acura Integra.  The RSX has more luxury features, and it is a better looking car overall.  The RSX also is the first Acura to have a chain driven engine instead of a belt driven engine, and it also has an i-VTEC engine.  I decided to get the desert silver color.  You might be noticing the glossy paint and think that I took these pictures when I first got the car, but you are wrong.  These pictures were taken after the car turned 4 years.  I pampered this car so much.  It got details so often, and I would have the German Klasse wax applied to it regularly at Autopia in Walnut Creek, the Bay Area's best car wash and detail center.  The grill features the standard Acura 5 point grill.

Last Updated:  October 22, 2006 1:15 PM