My Family - The Roy Family (Ajit, Archana, Anirban, Angsuman, & Aakash)

My Family in Hawaii at the Royal Kona Resort on the Big Island in 1997..

My father and I are pictured outside Humayan's Tomb in New Delhi, India here.  We toured many parts of India in 2014 including the Taj Mahal.

My Father

   My dad, Dr. Ajit K. Roy, is semi-retired, but he is an adjunct professor at the California State University in Sacramento, CA and also at the University of California at Davis.  He has a masters from The University of Aston in the United Kingdom and a Phd from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.  Originally of Indian descent, he is a US Citizen.  He is slightly taller than me, and often times people say I look almost like my dad.  My dad is quite accomplished in his field with experience in the nuclear, oil, and defense industries.  He is one of only two Indians that were inducted into a famous British professional society for his field.  My father has worked in both the private sector with large organizations such as Mobil Oil as well as in the public sector for the Department of Defense and Department of Energy.  Prior to retirement, he was a tenured professor at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) where he founded the Materials Science program.  After retiring from a short assignment at Savanah River National Lab in South Carolina, he has served as a visiting professor at various institutions abroad.  In 2018, he decided to teach some courses at the California State University in Sacramento, CA after relocating to the greater Sacramento area.  Soon after, UC Davis asked him to teach also.  Throughout his esteemed career, he was asked to give lectures at prestigious conferences around the world as well as serve as an expert on various news programs for his knowledge of corrosion.

My mother, brother, and I on a Sunset Sail in Aruba.

My Mother

   My mother, Archana Roy, is a pious housewife.  She is also of Indian descent and an US Citizen.  She volunteers at my little brother's school and is active in various philanthrophic events.  Her nickname is Dolly.  She enjoys travelling also like my brother and me.  We have taken a lot of trips since I graduated from college including vacations to Aruba, Alaska, Cancun, and Cozumel.  She is an amazing cook, and she loves to entertain.

Jackson Lake
My brother and I at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming with Jackson Lake in the background.

My Brother

   My younger brother, Angsuman "Johnny" Roy, lives in Las Vegas, NV now and is married with one kid.  He was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1990.  He is more moderate in his poltics than me so we tend to have lively debate when we discuss politics..  Angsuman has a bachelors and masters from The University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) in Electrical Engineering.  He currently works for a start up company based out of Goleta, CA.  Angsuman is married with one son.  They all reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My nephew Aakash wanting to make me a Nespresso when he was about 19 months.

My Nephew

       My nephew, Aakash Roy, was born in April of 2018 in Santa Barbera, CA.  I was able to meet him in June of 2018 when I went to Las Vegas for a meeting.  Since then, we went back several times to visit with him.  He is really cute.


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