My 2018 Volvo S60 Inscription ("Inskrift")
My new baby is pictured with some of her ancestors at the Volvo dealership in San Leandro, CA when I went to pick her up.

The exterior color is Osmium Gray Metallic.  The car has power folding mirrors, moonroof, and 18 inch wheels too on the exterior!

I had the dealer install a spoiler for me too.

Here is a picture of me next to my new baby!

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My car came with Volvo On Call standard for four years also.  I can remotely start my car as well as lock or unlock it from anywhere in the world from my cell phone!

Here is a picture of "Inskrift," my beautiful Swedish car a few months after I got her.  "Inskrift" is Swedish for Inscription, and since this is the Inscription model, I named her "Inskrift."

The power folding mirrors automatically fold in when I lock her.  It protects them from being hit.

The car has dual exhausts for the powerful turbo engine!

A local detail shop applied a ceramic coating called Ceramic Pro to the outside of my car after I brought her back home to Sacramento.  This coating protects the paint and makes her very shiny!

Here is a side view of Inskrift with her mirrors folded out and ready to go for a drive!

The interior features beechwood leather seats!  I loved this color of leather, and it is very rare!

Inskrift is starting up for me now.  The car has keyless start.  All I have to do is keep the key somewhere on me or in the car for her to start up.

The Inscription model comes standard with Volvo Senus Navigation.  I can send maps to the car also from the iPhone app too.

The car has many entertainment options including Sirius XM radio.  It comes with the satellite radio free for six months.  I did renew it however.

Ipods can be played through the car's entertainment system as well.  The 4G icon on the screen is not from my phone.  Inskirft has her own cellular data connection built in!

Is that a movie playing in my car?  Yes!  The Volvo S60 plays DVDs too when the car is not going above a certain speed limit.  Well, one has to really be parked to watch a movie.

The car even has built in internet apps which allow one to check the weather or even get local attractions information from WikiLocations.

The odometer display is dynamic.  It can be changed between this sport look to a more basic look.  The speed limit is displayed on the speedometer also.  A camera analyzes posted speed limit signs to get that information.  Wow!

This car is fully loaded!  It has dual zone climate control, bluetooth integration, heated seats, heated steering wheel, and even park pilot assist which can parallel park the car automatically!

The car has a power rear sunshade too.

The car has the blind spot alert system as well as adaptive cruise control which keeps the car moving at a speed limit based on the traffic in front of the car and up to a maximum that the driver sets.

The power moonroof is a nice feature as well.  Volvo has it standard on all S60 models.

The rear passengers also have a manual sunshade on each window.

Homelink is a small but valuable feature in most luxury cars.  I like it so I do not need to have my garage door controller in the car.  However, my iPhone can open my garage door too through an app.

I can even send the directions from my Volvo app on my iPhone to the car so the navigation system will have it ready for me to go.

The directions to the destination just pop up on the navigation screen and ask if I want to start directions to that place.  It is so cool!

    In February of 2018, I fell in love with a new car.  The Volvo S60 Inscription was an amazing luxury sports sedan.  The handling and power were great, but the car was loaded with so many features.  The car had power folding side mirrors, rain sensing wipers, adaptive cruise control, navigation, satelite radio, built in WIFI, moonroof, heated leather seats, power rear sun shade, and so much more!  This was a LOADED car.  I loved the Volvo On Call app too.  It was like a "Bond car."  Technology has come such a long way since we were little kids.  Today, I can open my garage door from anywhere in the world.  Then, I can start this car and have the heated seats and steering wheel come on as the car adjusts to the temperature I had set before I turned it off last.

    I named the car Inskrift, which is Swedish for Inscription.  The Inscription model is the higher trim on the S60.  I have more room in the rear passenger area, and it has some more luxury features.  This is a beautiful car!


18 Inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels
Power Windows
Power Locks
Power Mirrors
Power Rear Sun Shade
Premium Audio System with Satellite Radio
WIFI Car Modem with Volvo On Call Remote Start and Locking App
Navigation System


Technology Package
with adaptive cruise control and rain sensing wipers
Power Folding Side Mirrors
Heated Seats and heated steering wheel
Blind Spot Monitoring System
Rear Spoiler
Cargo Netting

Turbo 4 with 240 HP and 258 lb ft of torque

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