My 2020 GMC Terrain SLE AWD
The GMC Terrain is one sporty looking SUV!

The company paid for the adaptive cruise control camera which lets the car almost drive itself.  I still have to steer, but the car maintains the speed depending on the traffic in front of the car.

The company upgraded this car as much as possible by paying for a lot of options including the package that the roof rails come with.

This is the AWD version of the Terrain.  All of our company car options are AWD for our safety.

My company paid for the programmable power liftgate also!  I love this feature!

The Terrain has a cool cockpit too.  A lot of the bells and whistles in this car are optional, but like I said my company paid for them so we have a great driving experience!

The transmission is operated via the buttons here.

The company paid for the upgraded 8 inch HD screen too as well as the dual zone climate control.

The car comes with 3 months of SXM for free, but I always subscribe to it since I drive so much.

The navigation system was another feature that my company paid for.

The company paid for the AWD version of my SUV, and they also got me the package that included heated seats.

The company paid for the remote start for the SUV also so the keyfob lets me start my car from a distance.

T1       T2       T3
The MyGMC app is really cool.  I can start the SUV from anywhere in the world!  This even works with Amazon Alexa so my car can be started by voice control!

   During the COVID-19 lockdown and crisis of 2020, I was informed by my company's fleet department that my new company vehicle had arrived at the dealership in Woodland, CA so I could go pick it up anytime.  Although some car dealerships were closed during this time, Woodland Motors was open so I was able to make an appointment and get my brand new 2020 GMC Terrain SLE AWD SUV!  The primary feature I looked for when shopping for a new company car was the adaptive cruise control.  My company had five choices of vehicles we could choose from including the Subaru Forester, Subaru Outback, Chevrolet Equinox LT, Jeep Cherokee, and the GMC Terrain.  The three vehicles with the adaptive cruise control were the two Subaru models and the GMC Terrain.  Since I had a Subaru Forester prior to this vehicle for my company car, I went with the GMC Terrain!  I love the GMC!  This car drives very smooth, and it has plenty of power.  The interior is more luxurious than Chevrolets.

    My company loaded up the vehicle really well too for me.  They paid for pretty much every option  package except for the moonroof.  My company is very generous when it comes to our company vehicles.  They look for safety as the #1 feature in our company vehicles, but they also make the cars comfortable with heated seats, satellite radios, and automatic climate control systems.  I also enjoy the OnStar features of this car.  The navigation package was paid for by my company, but the OnStar service allowed me to push a button and have an operator look up a location for me and send the directions to my car.  Moreover, the MyGMC app let me remotely start the vehicle.  The car even had a safety alert seat which have gentle vibrations to warn me of any hazzards.  I turned that feature off however.  The car does blind spot monitoring, lane assist, and of course the adapative cruise control!


17 Inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels
Power Windows
Power Locks
Steering Wheel with audio and phone controls
Bluetooth integration for phone and audio
Remote Keyless Entry


Power programmable lift gate
8 inch HD Infotainment System with SXM radio, HD rearview camera, and navigation system
Driver Convenience Package which includes dual zone automatic climate control, remote start, power driver's seat, heated seats, and roof rails
Driver Alert Package which includes power heated mirrors, adaptive cruise control camera, safety alert seat, and rear park assist

1.5L Turbo 4 cylinder engine with 9 speed automatic transmission

Last Updated:  June 14, 2020 5:17 PM