Cactus League Spring Training Trip 2014 - The Charger, 1st Rangers Autograph, & Rangers Baseball


This is me partying in Tempe, AZ near ASU right after we arrived into the Phoenix area for Spring Training 2014!  The bars are just crazy out there!

It was a "Kahlua Party" at the El Hefe Restaurant and Bar.  That place got so packed that night.  I am trying a complimentary shot of a new Kahlua drink along with my margarita.

I went to the White Sox vs As game at the Phoenix Municipal Stadium the following day since my friend was an As fan.  I HATE THE A'S!  The A's are the shittest team in all of sports!

I had to represent my Rangers at the White Sox vs As game.  The Phoenix Municipal Stadium is a dump compared to the beautiful Ranger's facility in Surprise, but that is no surprise!  LOL.  The A's have overflowing sewage at their real ballpark in Oakland!

We went to downtown Phoenix after the White Sox/As game to have a drink at the Tilted Kilt near US Airways Center.  They had really hot girls at that Tilted Kilt!

My friend and I rented a Dodge Challenger for our trip in Phoenix.  It had 305 hp in a V6 engine.  It moved pretty well!

Here is a picture of me at the Ranger's Spring Training Facility in Surprise, AZ.  It was a great day for baseball!  We played the Reds that day.

I am ready to play catch!  I am wearing my new Prince Fielder jersey!

Here's the scoreboard at the Ranger's Spring Training Facility in Surprise.

A backup infielder for the Rangers, Adam Rosales, signed a ball for me!  I saw him by the batting cages near the stadium.  He jumped ship from the lowly As to come to a BIG MARKET TEAM!

Here are some players warming up before the game including 2nd baseman Jurickson Profar.  Profar hit a HR in this game.

The Rangers are at bat in this picture!

Our starting pitcher that day was Yu Darvish!

The Rangers signed former All Star Closer Soria from the Royals this season.  He got some playing time in this game too.

Our former closer Feliz was trying out for the job once again after we let Joe Nathan leave.

The guy who signed my ball, Adam Rosales, had a 2 run RBI.

Rangers win!  We killed the Reds!

Here is the back of new Prince Fielder jersey!

    I went to Phoenix once again in 2014 to watch my Texas Rangers begin another season at Spring Training.  My friend, Bob, and I flew down on a Saturday and stayed until Monday night so we could catch a few games and also just chill at the bars and clubs in Tempe and Scottsdale!  The odd thing was that our flight to Phoenix went to Portland first, and then we went south to Arizona.  I didn't see that I booked the ticket.  LOL.  After arriving in Phoenix, the Doubletree in Tempe picked us up at the airport, and their shuttle took care of us while we were in Tempe.  We checked out Mill St near ASU on Saturday night where we went to Rula Bula (Irish Pub), El Hefe (bar/restaurant), and a few other clubs and bars too.  It was just crazy!  The ASU Sun Devils know how to party!

    We went to Phoenix Municipal Stadium on Sunday for the White Sox vs As game.  I hate the Oakland As with a passion!  They are a piece of shit team that does not belong in the Major Leagues.  There is no money in Oakland, and the Bay Area media market is not that large.  As a result, they can not support a team in that area.  To win championships, you need to spend money!  The Rangers signed two players to $100M+ contracts this off season alone.  The As could never afford to even sign one $100M player!  The White Sox and As game ended in a tie.  We got our Dodge Challenger rental car after the game, and we headed over to the Tilted Kilt for some wings and drinks.  The Kilt Girls in AZ were really hot!  Afterwards, we went to Scottsdale for some dinner and drinks, but Scottsdale was not happening on a Sunday night.  We checked out Dos Gringos, a dive bar, and we went to see a 80s metal cover band too.

    On Monday, we went to a real baseball game.  My Texas Rangers played the Reds at our Spring Training facility in Surprise, AZ.  My friend was in shock about how nice the Rangers facility was compared to the As.  I told him welcome to a BIG MARKET TEAM'S BALL PARK.  LOL. :)  I can just imagine what As fans would do if they saw our beautiful balllpark in Arlington, Texas!  I wore my new Prince Fielder jersey that I got just for Spring Training.  The Rangers traded for Fielder this past off season.  We walked around the ballpark before the game.  I saw a backup infielder, Adam Rosales, taking batting practice, and he was nice enough to sign a ball for me.  It was the first time I got a player to sign anything at Spring Training!  I saw Rosales play later in that game, and he had a 2 run RBI.  Our starting pitcher that day was Yu Darvish, who is one of the best pitchers in all of baseball.  We saw great pitching as we had former All Star Soria and former World Series closer Feliz on the mound also.  I got to see Beltre, Andrus, Profar, and L. Martin that day as well.  Choo, another big off season acquisition, was injured.  The Rangers won the game by a score of 8 to 2!  Go Texas!

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