Cactus League Spring Training Trip 2017 - DB's Whisky Girls, Mastro's City Hall, & Rangers Baseball


My buddies and I headed to Mill St in Tempe after we landed in Phoenix to party with the ASU crowd.  We went to Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row to start out the night.  A cute shot girl is pouring Fireball in my mouth to get the night started.

Our first game of this trip was an Indians at A's game in Mesa at Hohokam.  I hate the A's, but my buddies were A's fans so we went to this game so they could see their crappy team lose big to the AL Champion Indians.

Here is one of the Indians pitchers warming up in the bullpen at Hohokam.

After the baseball game, we headed back to Tempe to party that night again.  Another cute shot girl is pouring some Fireball in my mouth to get the night started again.

We went to see my back to back AL West Champion Texas Rangers take on the World Champion Cubs at our Spring Training home in Surprise, AZ on the 2nd full day of our trip.

Here are some of our players taking the field for warm ups in Surprise, AZ.

Rangers Skipper Jeff Banister is coming towards me as one of our backup catchers is signing autographs.

Speaking of autographs, I got one of our pitchers, Tyler Wagner, to sign my program for me!

Former catcher, Ivan Rodriquez, who recently was voted into the Hall of Fame threw out the first pitch.

Carlos Gomez is about to score during this at bat.

For dinner on Sunday Night, we went to the famous Mastro's City Hall Steakhouse in Scottsdale!

I enjoyed my filet mignon.  We ordered lobster mashed potatoes and asparagus for our side dishes to share along with a great bottle of wine.

After dinner, we went to Giligin's Bar in Scottsdale.  I am spinning the Wheel of Booze here to see what I win.  I ended up getting a Coronita.

We stayed at the beautiful Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort which has its own water park.

The lazy river at the water park was fun!

On Monday, we went to a Dodgers-Rockies game at the Salt Field Fields at Talking Stick by Scottsdale.  This was an awesome park!

We saw the great Tommy Lasorda at the Dodgers-Rockies game too!  He was walking up the section next to ours!

I really liked the Salt River Fields.  I wore blue to support the Dodgers since a lot of my friends are Dodgers fans.

   A few of my buddies and I headed back to Arizona in March for our annual Spring Training trip to watch our baseball teams get ready for the season.  We flew out on a Friday night from Sacramento, and we arrived pretty late into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  After arriving into Phoenix, we headed out to Mill Street in Tempe to party with the ASU students!  There were some new bars this year to check out.  I loved Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row.  The girls were so hot out there too.  The cute shot girls walked around on the way and poured Fireball Whiskey down people's mouths for tips.  We checked out a few other bars that night too before getting some rest.

    Our first game of this trip was an A's home game in Hohokam.  They played the AL champion Cleveland Indians.  The Indians spanked the A's that day.  They scored 4 in the first inning alone!  I loved watching the A's lose since they are my most hated team in all of sports.  After the game, we chilled at the hotel before we headed out to Tempe again to party.  ASU was more tame on Saturday since Spring Break had begun so a lot of the students had already left.

    On Sunday, we went to Surprise to watch my AL West Champion Texas Rangers take on the World Champs.  The Cubs and Rangers had quite a game that day.  Both teams scored 9, and we ended up tieing.  Some of the highlights for me was getting to be pretty up close to the players and getting an autograph from one of our pitchers, Tyler Wagner.  Our manager, Jeff Banister, was right by me too when I was near the field level to check out the warm ups.  Also, I saw Ivan Rodriquez throw out the first pitch.  He was a great Rangers Catcher when I was in high school and college.  After the game was over, we enjoyed a great dinner at Mastro's City Hall Steakhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Afterwards, we checked out the bars in the Scottsdale area.

    The next morning, we checked out the water park at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak.  We had a nice suite at the Pointe Hilton.  The water park had multiple pools, waterfalls, a lazy river, and even a water slide!  It was a cool hotel.  Our last game of this trip was a Dodgers and Rockies game at the amazing Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.  We got to see Tommy Lasorda there too.  Afterwards, we cruised around the Phoenix area trying to find the Spring Training fitted hats for our respective teams.  I was able to get my Rangers hat in Tempe before we took off for the airport.

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