Rafting Trip on The South Fork of the American River (California)

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Our group is getting all outfitted at base camp for American Whitewater Expeditions near Coloma, CA.

These are what the rafts look like.  They are pretty sturdy, and there is a place where you lock your feet into.

She was our guide down the river.  She was stronger than our whole group combined it seemed at times.  That's what happens when you put a bunch of white collar professionals in a raft.  :)

I sucked at paddling.  I am just not used to manual labor :)

    We went white water rafting for a friend's bachelor party in 2008.  This was my second rafting trip, but this was my first organized one with a guide.  Our group drove up to Coloma, CA, and we were taken by bus from the base camp to a starting point on the frigid American River.  We decided to do the South Fork of the river.  Our whole day trip down us down to Folsom Lake, and we passed through the old California Gold Country.  They provided us with a crappy lunch also.

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