Working Vacation In Las Vegas (2018)


I stayed at the Palazzo Tower at Venetian in Las Vegas during my national meeting in June of 2018.  This is the entrance to the Palazzo.

All the rooms at the Palazzo are suites.  This was my amazing suite.

A living room area with a sectional sofa and TV are just next to the bedroom.

The bathroom was quite opulent as well with a seperate shower and tub as well as a TV.

The drapes were all controlled automatically too.

I had a nice view of TI and the Trump International Tower in Las Vegas from my suite.

Our welcome general session featured a best selling author as well as these tasty cupcakes from the Bouchon Bakery in the Venetian.  These are supposedly the best cupcakes in America.

That evening, the company had a welcome reception and dinner set up for us.  The room had lots of Virtual Reality (VR) stations.  During this VR session, I am gliding over a city like a bird!

There were acrobats performing on the floor also.

During this session, I was rafting down a river.

We also had an around the world style buffet with seafood, Chinese food, Mexican food, carving station, and more!  The lobster, jumbo prawns, and oysters were great.

They also had acrobats perform for us too along with a DJ that evening.

The Palazzo had a nice atrium area.  This is a cool gondola.

The area between the Palazzo and Venetian was really nice too.

I am on my way to the Sands Expo Center at the Venetian and Palazzo campus to start attending my workshops on Day 2 here.  Behind me is the Grand Canal Shoppes!

The food at the Sands Expo center was amazing.  Here are some of our dessert options during lunch on the 2nd day.  I tried all three!

It was cool to check out the mini shows at the Grand Canal Shoppes during our breaks.

I enjoyed relaxing by the pool too after the meetings.  In the shade, the dry heat felt great!

This is a nice perspective on how tall the Palazzo Tower is.

The Venetian is right next to the Palazzo.

The Canyonlands Spa at the Palazzo was decorated so nicely.  I had a walk through some colorful hallways to the fitness center.

This is the lounge by the fitness center.

They even had a cool rockwall at the fitness center.

I am seated at Sushi Samba here with my colleagues.  Sushi Samba is a fusion of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian foods.

We had an eight course omakase dinner at Sushi Samba.  This was the first course.  It was a crispy scallop served over lettuce.

This course featured their yellow tail taquitos.  They were AMAZING!

They even served us A5 Wagyu in these potstickers.  It is one of the most expensive cuts of beef in the world.

We were served sea bass skewers next.  Wow!

This Brazilian seafood stew was served afterwards.  There were no complaints with this either!

The sashimi was so fresh!

The sushi course was the final course before dessert.  It tastes just as good as it looked!

The dessert was delicious!

Las Vegas went all out during the Stanley Cup Finals for their Vegas Golden Knights who made the Stanley Cup finals in their first year as an expansion team!

I got some Honolulu Cookie Company treats for Joy and our parents.  They are so tasty!

    I had to attend a national meeting in Las Vegas in early June.  It was only for a few days, but our company is really cool about taking care of us when we travel.  I flew out of Sacramento on a Tuesday in early June.  After arriving in Las Vegas, a ground crew employee for the company we hired to handle our logistics greeted us and escorted us to buses which were waiting to transport us to the Sands Expo Center on the world famous Las Vegas Strip.  After arriving at the Sands Expo Center, the baggage handlers from the Venetian and Palazzo tagged our bags and within an hour or so, our bags were taken up to our suites at either hotel.  We also had a private check in set up for us in the Sands Expo Center so we did not have to wait in long lines that the regular people have to wait in.  After getting my suite at the Palazzo, I went up to check it out.  I asked for a suite with a nice view of the Las Vegas Strip, and I was not disappointed.  My views included Treasure Islands (TI), Trump International Tower, Fashion Show Mall, and a little of the Wynn.  The Wynn had a cool fountain show at night too that I could see from my suite.  The suite was large and opulent.

    We had a delicious lunch for us before our general session.  They had Bouchon cupcakes brought into the banquet hall so we could each sample what the Food Network calls the best cupcakes in the US.  We also had a great keynote speaker.  Afterwards, we went to a welcome reception and dinner.  The company did the usual around the world buffet with lobster, shrimp, oysters, Chinese dim sum, Mexican treats, beef, and desserts.  There was also the usual bars set up with good selections of beer and wine for us.  Moreover, the company hired acrobats to perform on stage as well as a DJ to play music.  In addition, they had acrobats walk around and do routines on the floor.  In addition, we got Virtual Reality (VR) booths set up so we could try different experiences.  I tried a few of them, but I started to get a head ache.  It was a fun evening with my coworkers.

    I was happy the meeting was in Las Vegas because I was able to go see my newborn nephew, Akash!  He was only about two months old, and this was my first time meeting him.  He was so adorable!

    The next morning, I enjoyed my walk through the Grand Canal Shoppes to Sands Expo Center for our meetings and workshops.  We were fed really well starting at breakfast.  They had the typical midmorning snacks, delicious buffet lunch, afternoon snacks, afternoon beverage break, and even a dinner.  However, most of the local districts went out to a nice dinner since it was Vegas after all.  The company let us expense that as well!  We went to dinner at Sushi Samba, which is a fusion of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisines.  Apparently, there are lots of Japanese people who settled in South America so there were Japanese influences in a lot of the foods down there.  Sushi Samba has locations in Amsterdam and Miami as well.  They had the best Japanese whiskey selection outside of Japan too I think!  I had two different whiskeys.  We ordered an eight course omakase dinner.  Omakase is a tasting dinner where one trusts the judgement of the chef to send what he or she recommends to the table.  Every item was delicious!  LET ME REPEAT!  EVERY ITEM WAS DELICIOUS!  They started us off with scallops.  We even had A5 Wagyu beef which can go for as much as $500 a pound.

    After dinner, I hung out with some of my buddies at the Dorsey in the Venetian.  We enjoyed some whisky and took in the scenery.  Vegas is great!  I did gamble a little also.

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