"I Love This Life" - LoCash Concert With A Selfie With Preston Burst Of The Duo


The concert was sponsored by a local country radio station.  They posted our picture on their Facebook page too.

Preston Burst of LoCash is showing off a new camo hat.

LoCash is just crushing it on stage.

After the concert, we got a selfie with Preston Burst as the band was leaving the venue.  However, Joy was cut out of the picture with all the mad rush.

   In 2015, LoCash (formerly known as the LoCash Cowboys) came out with a #1 hit called "I Love This Life."  The duo of Preston Burst and Chris Lucas took the radio waves by storm with that song.  The Highway on SXM played that a lot, and I loved that song.  So, I was very excited to see them live in concert.  In June, they preformed at Stoney's Rockin Rodeo in Sacramento.  The event was sold out, and Joy and I both had a great time that night.  Before the concert, we met the wine maker for LoCash's wine label, Shipwrecked Wines, at the bar.  The guy said he could get us an autograph if we wanted.  After the show was over, he invited us to come back to the stage area and get a selfie with the band.  I just missed getting a picture with Chris Lucas, but Preston Burst was able to take a selfie with us.  They were really cool and nice.

Last Updated:  June 12, 2016 1:54 PM