How many of you have been wondering how we have had such a dominant team in the 90s since we were not that hot in the 80s? The Cowboys have traditional been an excellent team that only knows 3 words, SUPERBOWL CHAMPION COWBOYS!! I have done research on this subject, and I present you with the facts! Hard Work, conservative leadership, and good draft picks yield the best NFL franchise in the history of the NFL!

    The Cowboys of the 1970s were also great.  QB Roger Staubach and RB Tony Dorsett helped propel us to 2 Superbowl titles.  The 1980s were slow, but a new era in Cowboy history emerged towards the end of the decade.

    In the late 1980s, an excellent business man named Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys and the stadium for $140 Million. He brought in Head Coach Jimmy Johnson (probably the best coach next to Tom Landry in the history of football) to lead this group. Don't get me wrong, Switzer was cool too! Within a few years, the 1-15 Cowboys went to becoming Superbowl Champions! Why? Easy! Mr. Jones and Mr. Johnson were great! Jerry worked out a contract with QB Troy Aikman 4 days before the draft since they knew that they were going to get him as a 1st pick. In addition, they traded Herschel Walker which brought them such greats as Emmitt Smith.

    Jerry Jones brought in key free agents such as DE Charles Haley, CB Deion Sanders, and TE Jay Novacek among others.   Head Coach Jimmy Johnson was awesome when it came to the draft.  We drafted some of the top players in history including DT Leon Lett, CB Kevin Smith, and DT Russell Maryland.  Moreover, Jimmy Johnson had an awesome coaching staff with Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner and Defensive Coordinator Dave Wannsted.  Both of these individuals went on to head coaching positions in the NFL.  Above all, the Cowboys put together the best offensive line in the history of football.  We had all five offensive lineman go to the Pro Bowl.  OT Mark Tuinei, OT Erik Williams, OG Nate Newton, OG Larry Allen, and C Ray Donaldson helped pave the way for RB Emmitt Smith's rushing titles and gave QB Troy Aikman the protection to throw the deep bombs to WR Michael Irvin and WR Alvin Harper.  Moreover, we had FB Daryl "Moose" Johnston to help Emmitt run.

    The Cowboys of the 1990s had the best offensive line ever assembled in the history of the NFL.  All of these guys were Pro Bowlers.  This list indicated OT Mark Tuinei, OG Erik Williams, OG Larry Allen, OT Nate Newton, and C Mark Stepnoski.  Even our backup center, Ray Donaldson, was a Pro Bowler.

    The Cowboys fell victim to the NFL Salary Cap in the 90s.  Without the salary cap in place, one can argue that the 90s would be totally dominated by the Dallas Cowboys!  Nevertheless, no one can argue that the Cowboys were a dynasty in the 1990s!  Fans should urge the NFL to get rid of the salary cap so Jerry Jones can invest more into our team, and he can bring back the glory days in Dallas.

    Despite the 5-11 seasons to start out the new century, 2002 marked a milestone for the team.  RB Emmitt Smith became the all time leading rusher in the NFL on October 27, 2002 at Texas Stadium.  I was trying to hold back tears as I watched Emmitt break the record in front of numerous Cowboy fans at a local sports bar in Northern California.  Emmitt Smith is truly a great individual.  It was an awesome site watching Michael Irvin and Moose Johnston congratulate Emmitt.

    Bill Parcells was brought in after the 2002 season to bring discipline back to the team and also get the Cowboys back to the playoffs.  He got the Cowboys back in the playoffs during his first season with the team.  Bill used a lot of older players he had during his tenure with the Patriots and Jets.  QB Vinny Testaverde, QB Drew Bledsoe, and WR Terry Glenn were brought in along with defensive stars like CB Aaron Glenn to help the Cowboys become a championship team again.  In 2006, the Cowboys signed the best WR in the NFL, Terrell Owens.  Owens immediately produced, and he led all WRs in the league with TD receptions during his first year as a Cowboy.

    Parcells left the team after four seasons, and he was replaced by current Head Coach, Wade Phillips.

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