Dinesh D'Sousa Lecture @ Border's Books in Davis

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    Fed up with the liberalism on campus, I joined forces with the Leadership Institute to found the Conservative Coalition at UC Davis, a non-profit corporation made up of conservative organizations on campus to challenge the left.  I served as President & CEO of the organization for the first year.  In addition, I was Chairman of Young Americans For Freedom at UC Davis.

    I brought Dinesh D'Sousa, a conservative author who worked for President Reagan and Professor Alan Kors along with attorney Harvey Silverglate to speak out against liberal policies of the administration.  Our conservative rally was at Border's Books in Davis.  The leftists had over 100 protestors at our event to disrupt it.  That just showed the intolerance of the liberal socialists on campus.  I had the honor of co-introducing Dinesh D'Sousa.  One of the highlights of my college years was having dinner with Dinesh and some of my Conservative Coalition board members at Sophia's Thai Kitchen in Davis.

Last Updated:  April 29, 2006 11:05 AM