My 30th Birthday Party

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Lots of Food for the wine pairings.....

Chicken Siskabobs (with my secret BBQ sauce), cocktail shrimp, two kinds of hummus with pita, rice pilaf, spicy turkey meatballs, & pasta salad

Wine Pairing
Wine Tasting (cabs, merlot, riesling, moscato, chardonnay, and petite syrah)

A big present....what is it?

It is a ladder and tool set.

One of the 2 cakes - this one is ice cream.  The other was a tiramisu.

Cake Cutting
Cake Cutting Time!

Cake Cutting2
Happy Birthday To Me!

Who wants a slice of ice cream cake?

Friends Chilling after dinner

    I decided to have a birthday party for my friends when I turned 30 in 2008.  My mom threw me a party in Las Vegas the week before.  Since I like wine, I thought a wine tasting would be fun.  We had many different kinds of whites and reds to sample along with a feast of finger foods.  It was a fun night!

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