2013 Holidays In Las Vegas & NYE 2014 @ LAX-Luxor


My brother and I went to the Australian Bee Gees Show at Excalibur right after Christmas to kick off a great few days of fun towards the end of 2013!

The Australian Bee Gees Show was not bad.  I only knew a few of the songs, but it was still high energy!

This is me going into the Maroon 5 concert at Mandalay Bay on 12/30/13.

Maroon 5 performed most of their hit songs that night if not all.  It was a good concert overall.

The video screens were huge!

I liked the special digital effects that were incorporated into the show as well.

I liked my seat.  I had no one on one side of me so I was able to stretch out and take in the music.

I am all pimped out at LAX on New Year's Eve 2014!  They had an open bar from 9 PM to Midnight!

This was the scene at midnight on New Year's at LAX!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Keri Hilson made an appearance at LAX on NYE also.  I am not too familiar with her songs since I listen to country mostly!

Keri Hilson sang a few songs that evening for us.

    On December 23rd, I departed Sacramento at night for Las Vegas to spend the holidays and New Year's with my folks and friends.  Christmas Eve and Christmas were spent at home with the family.  My mother had her usual glazed cornish hen.  The weather was really nice this time around in Las Vegas.  My brother and I went to a tribute show to the Bee Gees at Excalibur a few days after Christmas.  Then, I went to see Marc Savard's Comedy hypnosis show with a few of my friends at Planet Hollywood.  Afterwards, we played craps well into the morning hours at Fremont in downtown Las Vegas.  The following day, I went to see Maroon 5 perform at Mandalay Bay with my friends after a nice dinner with my friends and brother at Sugar Factory at Paris.  On New Year's Eve, I had an early dinner with my family before meeting my friends at LAX, a club at Luxor.  They had a suite at Luxor so we pre-partied there before heading into the club.  Keri Hilson, a R&B singer, made an appearance that night too at LAX.  We also got an open bar from 9 PM to midnight.  We rang in the New Year pretty good in 2014!  The only person who was missing was the girl I started seeing towards the end of 2013, but I saw her right when I got back on the 1st!

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